• Between West and East

    Pro-EU party won parliamentary election in the Republic of Moldova. Berlin openly intervened in election campaign.

    BERLIN/CHIŠINAU (Own report) - The party of Berlin-favored neoliberal President Maia Sandu, has won last Sunday's parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova. According to preliminary election results, with around 52 percent of the votes, the EU-oriented Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) beat the more Russia leaning Socialists, led by former President Igor Dodon. Berlin had openly intervened in the election campaign. Sandu, PAS' former leader and its best-known representative to date, had been received in Germany's capital also by Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. German support for her and her party had recently even included media publications aimed at influencing public opinion in that southeastern European country. For years already, Sandu and PAS have been sponsored by the German government and German foundations seeking to gain the upper hand in the power struggle with Moscow over Moldova. In this constant struggle, the pro-EU faction around Sandu is now providing the president and the largest faction in the parliament. Read more

  • BERLIN/CHISINAU (Own report) - Germany's Foreign Minster Heiko Maas (SPD) is praising and offering German "assistance" to the new government of the Republic of Moldova, which has come to power following fierce power struggles. Last week, the second constitutional crisis in 5 years has shaken up the small landlocked country located between Romania and Ukraine. Forces, once allied with Germany, who are close to the country's richest oligarch, Vladimir Plahotniuc, had formed a counter-government controlling the police and important government bodies. Initially, the new government that came into office in accordance with the constitution had little power in the country - in spite of rapid international recognition, including Germany's. After the counter-government resigned on Friday, the liberal politician Maia Sandu became the uncontested prime minister. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European People's Party (EPP) had already supported Sandu during the 2016 presidential election campaign, which she ultimately lost. She promotes Moldova's EU association. Read more