• Earthquakes rather than Russian Gas

    Power struggle against Russia leads to long-term higher natural gas prices. Germany prevents the shutdown of natural gas field in the Netherlands in spite of the risk of earthquakes.

    BERLIN/WASHINGTON/THE HAGUE (Own report) – The power struggle that the West is waging against Russia is provoking a long-term hike in natural gas prices in Germany as well as a tendency toward unreliable supplies. This results from the German government’s plans to rely more on liquefied gas imports in the future. Liquefied gas is more expensive than pipeline gas, and is also more unreliable, in the current situation. Liquefied gas tankers can be diverted to another destination at any time, if higher prices can be obtained. In addition, liquefied gas is “nearly as harmful to the climate as coal,“ an expert at Germany’s Federal Environment Agency explains. Industry representatives confirm that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will still not be commissioned, even though it could remedy Germany’s current gas shortage, which is taking on serious proportions. Gas is more expensive than ever. Germany’s gas storage facilities’ levels are lower than they have ever been at this time of the year. The supply would collapse, if there were a cold spell for only a week. Berlin is insisting on importing gas from Groningen – preventing the shutdown of that gas field in spite of the risk of earthquakes. Read more

  • BERLIN/DEN HAAG german-foreign-policy.com documents excerpts from the Declaration of Intent on which the Foreign Ministers of Germany and the Netherlands agreed on 28 May 2013. Read more

  • BRUXELLES (Eigener Bericht) Eine Mitgliedsorganisation der Parlamentarischen Gruppe der ,,Grünen"im Europa-Parlament verbreitet ein Kartenwerk, das das deutsche Territorialgebiet u.a. nach Frankreich, Italien, in die Niederlande und nach Österreich ausstülpt. Andere europäische Nationalstaaten werden auf der Karte, die das Signum des Europa-Parlaments trägt, mehrfach tranchiert, in regionale Einzelteile zerlegt oder verschwinden völlig (Belgien, Schweiz). Die englische Insel wird in 4 ,,Stammesgebiete"geteilt, das spanische Staatsgebiet um Galizien, das Baskenland und Katalonien verkleinert. Frankreich ist von seiner Mittelmeerküste abgeschnitten. Read more