• „Goodbye, Nord Stream” (III)

    Berlin refuses to provide any information on the Nord Stream 2 investigations. Sweden maintains excessive secrecy. This again raises questions pertaining to the US naval presence off Bornholm prior to the blasts.

    BERLIN/STOCKHOLM (Own report) – Citing “secrecy interests”, the German government refuses to provide any information on the state of the investigation of the attack on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. Germany’s foreign ministry claims that even a simple answer to the parliamentary inquiry about “NATO vessels and military units” were near the site in question off Bornholm during the days immediately prior to the attacks, “would entail the disclosure of information that would particularly affect the welfare of the state.” Previously, Sweden had already refused any participation in a joint investigation team with Denmark and Germany, on the grounds that the confidentiality level of the findings, so far, precludes any international cooperation. Banalities are again being presented as “findings” such as the fact that a powerful explosion destroyed the pipelines and that “sabotage” can be assumed. The warships, whose presence near the site in question cannot be disclosed for reasons “of state welfare” include those of the Untitled States and other NATO countries. Read more

  • Project Fear

    (Lave Knud Broch)

    LONDON german-foreign-policy.com interviewed Lave Knud Broch about how in the Danish elite's EU supporters sought to convince the Danish people in the runups to various EU referendums in Denmark. Lave Knud Broch is a substitute member of the European Parliament for the Danish People's Movement against the EU. Read more