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War against China

There is a reflex in Europe that is detrimental to China. It is the downside of the respectful awe at China's vastness, its size, its culture, and statehood. By comparison, Europe appears tiny. The comparison mitigates the error of being incomparable. China is greater.

Occupation Economy without Occupiers

After 20 years of western occupation, Afghanistan's economy is in distress, facing a total meltdown since western aid was halted.

BERLIN/KABUL | | afghanistan

BERLIN/KABUL (Own report) - Following the West's withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United Nations seeks to supply the Afghan population with basic necessities. At yesterday's UN donor conference in Geneva, donors pledged over $1 billion in aid, with Germany promising €100 million. During its 20 years of occupation, the West was incapable of developing the Afghan economy, which remained dependent on extensive foreign payments that inflated certain sectors - such as services for western and government personnel - but did not help generate anything even remotely resembling independent production. While corrupt government officials funneled billions to Dubai in plain view of the West, poverty among the Afghan population was increasing. Already prior to the West's withdrawal, nearly half of the Afghans depended on humanitarian aid. The suspension of aid payments and the implementation of US sanctions, once the Taliban seized power, are dealing a death blow to the Afghan economy. more…

Taking Stock of the "War on Terror"

Twenty years after 9/11, the West's "war on terror" has failed, leaving millions dead and entire countries devastated.


BERLIN/WASHINGTON (Own report) - Millions dead, rampant poverty, dozens of millions of refugees and several devastated countries: This is the result of western wars throughout the broader Middle East since September 9, 2001. Launched in the name of a war on jihadi terrorism, waged under the banner of "freedom and democracy," the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Somalia have above all caused human suffering and misery of historic dimensions. The actual or purported objectives have not been achieved. Thriving societies have emerged nowhere, neither at the Hindu Kush nor at the Euphrates and Tigris. Jihadi terror is today "stronger" and more widespread on a global scale than in 2001, according to experts. Western armed forces and intelligence services have also committed the most egregious war crimes and human rights violations - from targeted assassinations of unarmed civilians to abductions of thousands to torture chambers. Germany has been involved in all of this. more…

EU War Coalitions of the Willing

Berlin and Brussels plan a new EU intervention force of 5,000 or more soldiers. Kramp-Karrenbauer pleads for "coalitions of the willing."


BERLIN/BRUSSELS (Own report) - Berlin and Brussels seek to use the West's defeat in Afghanistan to push for the establishment of a new EU intervention force. "Nearly nothing" was done "to counter" the US' decision to withdraw from the Hindu Kush, because of the lack of our military "capabilities" complained Germany's Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. We can only "win," if the EU gets "on a par with the USA." Just prior, in a guest essay, EU Foreign Policy Commissioner Josep Borrell made a plea, above all, for the Union to create a particularly powerful "Initial entry force," alongside its increasing "pivotal military capabilities." Currently, there is talk within the EU of a unit of 5,000 soldiers, modeled on NATO's "Spearhead" unit, with an augmentation of up to 20,000 also being in discussion. A decision should be made in November. Resistance is coming particularly from the Eastern and Southeastern European pro-US members of the EU. more…

Battles of Decline

Experts see the defeat in Afghanistan as "another stage in the West's decline." Now the West wants to shelve "nation building" to focus on great power conflicts.


BERLIN/WASHINGTON (Own report) - The West emerges weakened from its 20 years of war in Afghanistan and the Middle East and is now concentrating its efforts on the major power struggle with Russia, but especially with China. This has become evident in several statements made on the occasion of this week's completion of the final withdrawal of western troops from the Hindu Kush. Thus, US President Joe Biden declared that, in the future, Washington would refrain from nation-building and instead brace itself for "new challenges" posed by Moscow and Beijing. Germany has already been pivoting toward great power confrontation in its armament and military policy. It is particularly arming itself for wars against armed forces of powerful states and is focusing its maneuvers on scenarios of war against Russia. It is also increasing its military activities in the Asian and Pacific regions. The major defeat at the Hindu Kush, accompanied by massive squandering of resources, is "another stage in the West's decline," according to experts. more…

The Era of Impunity

Western military forces killed thousands of civilians and committed war crimes in Afghanistan. Virtually no one has been brought to justice before the final withdrawal.

| afghanistan

(Own report) - With western troops finally withdrawing from Afghanistan tomorrow, two decades of deadly western attacks on civilians and the West's systematic war crimes at the Hindu Kush will also come to an end. By the time the US withdrawal agreement was finalized with the Taliban in February 2020, hundreds of civilians had been killed annually by western armed forces' air strikes and Special Forces' operations - at least 559 in 2019 - according to the UN. Countless bystanders were killed in US drone strikes. According to documents leaked by a whistleblower, at times, only one out of ten victims of drone strikes were "targets" designated for assassination by the US military. Information needed for drone strikes has also been provided by German services to the US military, including information used by the CIA for the abductions of suspects and their torture. Australian Special Forces assassinated defenseless civilians as an initiation ritual. Western war crimes usually remained unpunished - still today. more…

Declared Enemy

Debate on the frigate Bayern's East Asia voyage continues. Beijing does not accept Berlin's appeasement attempts. Influential daily declares China an enemy.


BERLIN/BEIJING (Own report) - The dispatchment of the frigate Bavaria to East Asia and the South China Sea is accompanied by ongoing debates. For months already, foreign policy hawks have been heavily criticizing the fact that the frigate has not yet planned a special provocation against the People's Republic of China, besides crossing the South China Sea. They have repeatedly demanded that the frigate enter the territorial waters of the islands claimed by China or hold joint maneuvers with allied armed forces. That a direct "confrontation is obviously being avoided" does not go far enough for the "allies," a staff member of the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) complains. Regarding the German frigate's request to make a port call in Shanghai as a sign of appeasement, Beijing demanded that the German government decide, whether it seeks cooperation or serious conflict with Beijing. While tensions escalate, an influential German senior commentator goes beyond NATO's phraseology and declares China an "enemy." more…

The Pandemic Profiteers

International NGO criticizes mRNA vaccine producers' excessive profits, including BioNTech's. Poorer countries are mainly being supplied by China. Berlin plans to stockpile vaccine doses - as a "precautionary measure."


BERLIN/MAINZ (Own report) - A recent analysis by The People's Vaccine Alliance, an international NGO, has revealed the dimensions of profits major mRNA vaccine producers - including BioNTech (Mainz) - are reaping in from the COVID-19 pandemic. The analysis, recently published under the title "The Great Vaccine Robbery," estimates the sales price of the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine at between 6 and 24 times its production costs. According to The People's Vaccine Alliance, BioNTech/Pfizer's revenue from the sales of their vaccine is around $24 billion more than their production costs. The People’s Vaccine Alliance is a coalition of around 70 international NGOs, including Oxfam and Amnesty International. Berlin protects the profits of these vaccine manufacturers by continuing to block temporary vaccine patent waivers. With already 570 million doses, China is the main vaccine supplier for the emerging and developing countries. Germany, on the other hand, is now turning toward booster shots. The government intends to stockpile tens of millions of doses of vaccine - as a "precautionary measure." more…

Illegally Occupied Islands

During its East Asia tour the German frigate Bayern will make a port call at Diego Garcia. The island is the site of a US military base and is, according to UN courts, illegally occupied by Great Britain.

BERLIN/LONDON/WASHINGTON | | grossbritannienusa

BERLIN/LONDON/WASHINGTON (Own report) - The frigate Bayern, which set sail for East Asia yesterday, will soon make a port call at Diego Garcia, an island under occupation, in violation of international law, and serving military purposes. It is the main island of the Chagos Archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the site of a strategically important US military base. The Chagos Archipelago is an old British colonial possession that had once belonged to Mauritius. It was detached, in violation of international law, during the decolonization of Mauritius, to allow the United States to construct a military base. The population was deported to impoverished regions on Mauritius. In the meantime, several international court rulings have been handed down and a UN General Assembly resolution has been passed on this issue - all concluding that Mauritius has sovereignty over Diego Garcia and calling on the United Kingdom to hand back the illegally occupied Chagos Archipelago. To this day, London and Washington refuse to comply. This does not bother Berlin. more…