• Judicial Murder without Consequences

    Berlin has not yet rehabilitated Manga Bell, anti-colonial resistance fighter and victim of German judicial murder. In the German city of Ulm, a square will be named after him.

    ULM/DOUALA (Own report) – The German government should finally rehabilitate Rudolf Duala Manga, the anti-colonial resistance fighter from Cameroon. This demand has again been raised on the occasion of today’s inauguration of the Rudolf Duala Manga Bell Square in the German city of Ulm. Manga Bell, the King of the Duala in the German colony Cameroon, had been condemned to death by a kangaroo court of the colonial authorities in 1914 and immediately executed. He had been trying to coordinate the resistance against the racist forced expropriation and relocation of the Duala, who were supposed to make way for white only residential areas, with the resistance of other population groups in the colony. Because of its exceptional brutality, German colonial rule was “infamous throughout the entire West Coast” of Africa, as the German left-liberal journalist Hellmut von Gerlach reported from his extensive trip around West Africa in 1912. Whereas Manga Bell is being honored in Ulm, the German government, has still not rehabilitated him. Financial compensation for Manga Bell’s judicial murder, to which his descendants would be entitled, is nowhere in sight in Germany. Read more