Go Down with the USA

Germany's foreign Policy and the US Presidential Elections. Commentary by Hans-Rüdiger Minow

Little more can be said about the course of the US presidential elections and Germany's foreign policy reaction. All that has been said about the incumbent US president, his nightly intention to stop counting the votes, his self-proclamation as winner, and the upcoming battle in US courts because of alleged electoral fraud - all that is innocuous, because it does not correspond to the actual developments. It reduces the extent of abuse inflicted on the ideals of bourgeois democracy in the purported homeland of its reign, as if all this is just a rude interlude, a perilous performance, which can still avert the end of the drama in the next act, with a better kind of protagonist, with another script and a German prompter. However, it is too late for that.

Germany's foreign policy has hoped in vain that it could choose between two businessmen, one resembling the more sympathetic version of the common origin, whereas the other is openly pursuing the violent potential of an illegal sanctions policy and the US military's extra-legal killing orgies. Berlin had hoped to reach compromises, more discreetly, using a more subtle type of the same violence, using its own sanctions, with its own drones, at its own venues of German global policy. Berlin, however, did not and still does not want to comprehend that its own violence and the global violence of the leader power have reached such proportions that they destroy the domestic order on the ground and drag the ruling factions underground.

Germany's foreign policy comment on the battle of the US electoral factions - it is appalled at the attack on the ideals of bourgeois democracy - is irrelevant to the ideals of bourgeois democracy. It is the stench of the gutter emitted in US election campaigns from the inner decomposition of bourgeois democracy.

The stench is not new.

When, a year ago in Greenville (North Carolina), the incumbent US president asked Somali-born Ilhan Omar, a member of the Congressional political rival and a Muslim, to leave the USA in the presence of a howling crowd, he descended into that abyss, from where the stench of every decaying order rises. The demagogic speech aimed at several of the country's respectable non-white citizens was met with enthusiastic chants by the howling crowd, "send them back." These chants revealed the state in which the external and internal US dominance vacillates and produces fascists (the presidential fascist and those awakened by him).

Germany's foreign policy did not appreciate that scene, it put on airs, rather than recalling its own history: regrettable, however, no cause for putting the so-called community of values into question. Berlin had banked on the other faction. Only a year later this community of values reveals itself to be an apocalyptic alliance, still lacking a mass movement to cast the leader nation's staggering reign into an authoritarian fascist mold.

Germany's foreign policy is staggering behind this development, pretending that Berlin is the guardian of the democratic flame, but ready to go down with the USA. No matter who wins the elections: The price is high for safeguarding German export assets and for expanding globally in the shadow of the US nuclear shield. The price is too high, but - without a miracle - Berlin will foot the bill.