Video column: Resistance to Berlin

Unrest in Europe because of Germany's expansion of power. Paris warns Berlin and draws closer to Moscow

Soft and obliging, with a friendly smile, yet nevertheless precise and only indirectly threatening, the calls for more power are being sounded in Berlin. The world should hear that the "language of power" encompasses all of Europe, according to the message of German elites and their emissary in Brussels, the EU commission president. They intend to persist in the world with the "language of power." EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen: "Europe must also learn the language of power. On the one hand, this means building our own muscles where we've long been relying on others — for example in security policies. That also means applying our existing power in a more targeted way in areas where European interests are concerned." The impression emitted by Brussels, as if it is "Europe," which is urgently pleading for more power and "muscle" – more military – does not conform to reality. The majority of the people do not want more power and more expenditures for arms, but more for social needs. The impression emitted by Brussels does not reflect Europe. It comes from Berlin, like the EU commission president and reflects the ambitions of a very powerful leading economic nation. She is alloying her forces. More power must have violence.

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