Video column: Fighting for Germany

Recently a party represented in the German parliament (Bundestag) published its program for the military. The program is not secret. The voters going to the polls in 2 German states on September 1 could know this program. Up to 28 percent of the voters have chosen the party with this program. It wants to further militarize Germany. The 28 percent party is calling for a radical "restoration of the German Bundeswehr." The military draft should be reinstated and the number of troops "be raised to 23,000 soldiers" – as a "first step." An additional 50,000 man reserves would be necessary. The German military, it literally states, "would be authorized to intervene domestically." The "foreign duties" of the Bundeswehr should be exercised "in every corner of the earth." In Europe: it lays "claim to a military commanding role" – because of "Germany's geographic situation and economic prominence." The highest command level will be a German "General Staff." Germany should also be in command of the European NATO. And finally, being the commanding nation, Germany must insist on "participation" in NATO's "nuclear capabilities."

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