Steinmeier and His Accomplices

FRANKFURT-MAIN/MUNICH/WASHINGTON/DAMASCUS (Own report) - The central command unit for world-wide kidnapping, torture and subversion operations is located in Frankfurt/Main. This command central consists of approximately 200 agents of the US secret service, CIA, and was involved in the abduction of German citizens - with the knowledge of the German authorities. This is to be learned from a book on German espionage (Federal Intelligence Service BND), which has just been published. The author is the secret service specialist, Erich Schmidt-Eenboom. As Schmidt-Eenboom writes, the detention of Haydar Zammar, a citizen of Hamburg, who is being held since five years in a torture prison in Damascus, goes back to the betrayal of his personal data to the CIA. The trap was obviously prepared by the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), the Federal Criminal Investigation Office (BKA) and of the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution (BfV). The justification for the operations, that led to Zammar being handed over to his torturers, is part of a "large-scale diversionary maneuver against the democratic public and the parliament", says the book author in a discussion with "The Office of the Federal Chancellor is responsible." Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the current German foreign minister, was the political director of the chancellery at the time of the illegal intrigues.

According to Schmidt-Eenboom, Steinmeier was personally involved in the secret service operations, justifying them as being necessary for the "anti-terror strategy."[1] The Foreign Ministry, at that time, under Foreign Minister Fischer, also fully cooperated. Therefore it involved illegal intelligence work for a foreign power, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and numerous other crimes.


A reconstruction of the kidnapping of Haydar Zammar, born in Syria and naturalized in Hamburg, discloses that the German BfV attempted to recruit the auto mechanic in 1997. It appears that this effort was unsuccessful in getting Zammar, a new German citizen, to work as an informer. Subsequently, the German was placed under surveillance, possibly to blackmail him with evidence of misconduct. This method also produced no results of cooperation. Though Zammar was briefly in Bosnia and in Afghanistan in the 1990s, where he was suspected of having been active as a money messenger for Insurgents, it seems that the surveillance authorities saw no grounds for prosecution. Until proof of culpable actions, Haydar Zammar, was under protection of his constitutional liberties.

Cell 13

Without informing him of suspicions against him, which led to his being placed under surveillance and from which he could have exonerated himself, German officials furnished information on Zammar to the CIA station in Hamburg. Thus the German citizen was placed at the mercy of operations of a foreign power, on the prowl, world-wide, for so-called terror-suspects, while using itself measures of terror – even against the innocent. Because the auto mechanic from Hamburg seemed a promising prospect, even the central German secret service authorities, the BKA and the BND, joined the local officials in helping the CIA to obtain additional information. They spied on the suspect's travel data and passed these on to the FBI and CIA. Based on this information, the US secret service laid in wait for the German abroad and had him deported – without either an arrest warrant or an indictment. The German citizen "ended up in cell 13 of the notorious torture prison (...) Far-Filastin in Damaskus."[2]

Triangular Trade

At this time – at the latest – the German consular authorities should have begun to intervene on behalf of Zammar, had they lived up to their constitutional obligations. But Haydar Zammar was not helped. On the contrary. German officials had already remained inactive up to the point of his deportation to Syria, although the BKA reported the kidnapping ("arrest") carried out in Morocco in December 2001 and had the opportunity to protest to the Moroccan authorities.[3] German officials intervened not in Morocco, but in Syria, but by no means to free their kidnapped citizen, but rather to profit from his being submitted to torture in detention. In a triangular trade with the torturers, Berlin could receive the interrogation protocols from the Syrian dungeon and in return waiver prosecution of Syrian agents in Germany.


The knowledge gleaned indirectly from the torture minutes did not suffice the German authorities. They wanted to personally cross-examine Zammar. After appropriate preparations by the BKA President, Kersten, who, in July 2002, traveled to Damascus, a high-ranking delegation of officials from the BND, BKA and the BfV subsequently traveled to the Syrian capital in November. Zammar was presented to them – in any case, what was left of him: in Germany, the hefty auto mechanic had still weighed 145 Kilos (319 lbs), after a year of detention in a Syrian dungeon, he was emaciated to "about fifty Kilo"(110 lb).[4]

No connection

As Schmidt-Eenboom explains, during the course of the interrogation, the prisoner complained of having been beaten and of being confined in a dark cell. But this was no reason for alarm for his compatriots, from the German secret services, operating under orders of the highest German state officials in the entourage of Frank-Walter Steinmeier. They recorded in Damascus that the violations are "neither in temporal nor functional connection with the interrogation by German authorities".[5]

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Similar cover statements and double-talk are being spread by those responsible for all of the other known cases of deported Germans or German residents – after they obviously contrived with the CIA and FBI to prepare the kidnappings or, at least approvingly accepted the possibility of the kidnapping.[6] The observations of a BKA official, who was witness to illegal coercive measures against suspects, during his deployments in Lebanon, refutes these subterfuges.[7] Those responsible have not only not been brought to justice, some have even been promoted in public office – for example Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Even their accomplices of a foreign power are enjoying unrestrained operational capability: In the CIA command center in Frankfurt/Main and in the nation-wide secret service agencies of the USA.


In the meantime Haydar Zammar, a German citizen from Hamburg sits out his fifth year in the Syrian Far-Filastin prison, where (according to amnesty international) approx. 38 methods of torture are used ranging "from beatings with electrical cables to electric shocks."[8] The Federal Republic of Germany, that prides itself in the world-wide application of human rights, allows Zammar's life to deteriorate – "naked power politics" on behalf of "geopolitical goals", says the book author Erich Schmidt-Eenboom in regard to German foreign policy and its Minister in charge: Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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