Stefan de Vylder | STOCKHOLM |
(Stefan de Vylder)

STOCKHOLM spoke with the well known economist Dr. Stefan de Vylder about the Euro crisis and Germany's possible leaving the Euro zone. more…

Roger Cole | DUBLIN | | irland
(Roger Cole)

DUBLIN interviewed Roger Cole on Irish neutrality and the Lisbon Treaty referendum. Roger Cole is Chair of the Irish Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA, more…

War financing

David Barouski | COLOGNE | | kongo-kinshasa
(David Barouski)

COLOGNE recently interviewed David Barouski about General Laurent Nkunda and mineral smuggling activities in Eastern Congo. Mr. Barouski is a freelance researcher, primarily on African affairs, and he authored the book "Laurent Nkundabatware, his Rwandan Allies, and the ex-ANC Rebellion: Chronic Barriers to Lasting Peace in the Congo," last year. more…


Daud Miraki | CHICAGO | | afghanistan
(Daud Miraki)

CHICAGO discussed the current situation in Afghanistan with Dr. Daud Miraki. Dr. Miraki is a sociologist living in the United States and is dealing with developments in Afghanistan, particularly the delayed effects of NATO's use of munitions with depleted uranium. His website is more…

Eric Toussaint | LIEGE |
(Eric Toussaint)

LIEGE About the policy of IMF and World Bank and the German government's policy toward the Bretton Woods institutions spoke with Eric Toussaint. Eric Toussaint is president of the Committee for the Cancellation of the Third World Debt (CADTM) in Liège (Belgium). He wrote "The World Bank. A never ending coup d'etat" (London 2007). more…

Out of Control

John Laughland | LONDON | | jugoslawien
(John Laughland)

LONDON spoke with John Laughland on his new book "Travesty. The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic and the Corruption of International Justice" (Pluto Press 2007). Laughland is the author of The Tainted Source (1997) and Le tribunal pénal international (2003). more…

Helmut Strizek | BERLIN | | ruandakongo-kinshasa
(Helmut Strizek)

BERLIN was talking with Dr. Helmut Strizek concerning German policy toward Rwanda and Rwandan influence in the Eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr. Strizek had worked in Rwanda and Burundi for many years, was periodically in charge of project management concerning both countries in the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and has published several books on these two nations. more…