Hundred Thousand Euro Offer


BERLIN (Own report) - The board of the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB, German Railroad Inc.) would like to conclude the conflict around the "Train of Commemoration" with the payment of 100,000 Euros. The train with a touring exhibition on the deportations of several hundreds of thousands of children and youth from all over Europe carried out by the Reichsbahn is confronted with the DB's financial demands totaling approx. 100,000 Euros. The Transportation Committee of the German Bundestag (German Parliament) had suggested that the DB neutralize its bills as a donation. The DB's board wants to make a donation - but not to the "Train of Commemoration," which is still faced with the approx. 100,000 Euros bill for the use of the German rail network for its memorial services, "rather than to the 'Train of Commemoration'" one reads in a letter signed by Dr. Werner Mueller, the DB board chairman, the identical amount should be transferred to "a nationally, as well as internationally, renowned Jewish charity institution." The letter, dated April 1, is on hand at Nearly simultaneously coinciding with the offer to donate to a "Jewish institution," the DB declared several train stations in Berlin inaccessible to the "Train of Commemoration," thereby rendering the memorial services impossible.

More than 4,600 children and youth were deported from Berlin to Nazi death camps, never to return. The transportation to their deaths had been organized by the "Deutsche Reichsbahn." For these victims and all others who had been abducted, the "Train of Commemoration" seeks to hold memorial services at several of Berlin's train stations, among them, Berlin's Central Station (Lehrter Bahnhof) and a on a spur of the Grunewald Memorial, the former deportation platform. Both locations have been placed off limits by the DB feigning security considerations, i.e. a train pulled by a steam engine locomotive is a danger to security. A few days ago, the DB used an identical justification and placed Hamburg's Central Station off limits. After strong protests, the company in Hamburg had to withdraw its objections. The "Train of Commemoration" was able to enter Hamburg's Central Station on schedule, but was permitted to remain standing for only a few hours.

No Willingness Whatsoever

Since the train began its journey, the initiators of a private citizen's initiative have been complaining of the DB company management's constant obstructions and virtual boycott. For example, the DB was repeatedly invited to have talks so that the memorial service for the 1.5 million deported children and youth could - by mutual agreement - take place. To no avail. At several meetings in the Transportation Ministry, the previously announced DB representative did not show up.[1] March 27, the "Train of Commemoration's" initiators again offered to meet with the DB board. Again they received no response. The DB demonstrates no willingness whatsoever "to enter a dialogue that would safeguard the dignity of the victims."[2]

From the Publicity Budget

The April 2 declaration that Berlin stations were inaccessible followed the April 1 offer of a donation to a "Jewish institution." This creates the impression that the largest group of victims of the Nazi liquidation policy should be in favor of the interdiction once it receives a donation of 100,000 Euros. The letter literally states "that the Bahn, in consideration of its publicity budget, should also do something to enhance its international image."[3] This is why the "board reached the conclusion that the DB should, make a donation of 100,000 Euros to a nationally as well as internationally renowned Jewish charity institution, rather than to the 'Train of Commemoration'."

Warfare Participation

This letter was written by Dr. Werner Mueller, the DB board chairman. Mueller is the former Minister of Economics and Technology. Since 2003 he has been chairman of the board of Ruhrkohle AG (aka RAG, which has now been renamed Evonik Industries AG). In addition DB board chairman Mueller is the chairman of the board of the "Gesellschaft für Entwicklung, Beschaffung und Betrieb" g.e.b.b. a 100 percent subsidiary of the German Defense Ministry. Among the g.e.b.b. responsibilities is the assurance of supply logistics for "Bundeswehr mission units" [4] - obviously a participation in warfare, in which the DB is also involved.[5]

Hush Money

Mueller's hundred thousand Euros offer was characterized as "obscene," by a chairman of a Jewish community, who would rather remain anonymous. "Why would that money be offered to Jews and not also to all of the other groups of victims, all that are mentioned in the 'Train of Commemoration'? Why not to the Sinti and Roms, why not to the descendents of the 'euthanasia' victims? It looks like "hush money," because one supposes that 'the Jews' will accept the prohibition of the commemoration, when they are paid enough. 'The Jews' are suspected to be among the initiators of the 'Train'! That brings anti-Semitic fantasies to mind."

In Spite of all Interdictions

This coming Saturday numerous organizations are planning to protest against the blockage of entry into Berlin's stations. They are calling for a large demonstration in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Subsequently 4,646 candles with the names of the deported children and youth will be carried to the DB main headquarters at the Potsdamer Platz. The "Train of Commemoration" is scheduled to arrive at Berlin's Central Station on Sunday. "We will hold the commemoration at Berlin's Central Station in spite of all interdictions" announced the "Train of Commemoration" National Association. "Every attempt to hinder us, is doomed to failure."

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