The Grand Strategy

BERLIN (Own report) - The German general Klaus Naumann and other NATO military specialists are appealing for a nuclear first strike policy, should the west's global predominance and its way of living be in jeopardy. The nuclear first strike must be in the "quiver" of every escalation strategy, writes former Inspector General of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) Klaus Naumann. Naumann was temporarily Chief of the Military Policy, Nuclear Strategy and Arms Control Section of the NATO Military Committee. For the past few years, the most decorated German officer has been a member of the board of the arms company "Thales". Naumann is also chairman of the board of a German nuclear decontamination company, "Odenwaldwerke Rittersbach" (OWR AG). The nuclear first strike study was co-authored with another associate of the OWR AG. The German armed forces and the US Army are the principal clients of this allegedly private company, which also employs the Bundeswehr general Klaus Reinhardt.

The study, appealing for a permanent war preparedness of the NATO alliance, entitled "Toward a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World" has been making the rounds in the EU since January. One of Klaus Naumann's co-authors of the 152 page booklet is his OWR partner, the British general Lord Inge. The booklet was financed by an investment foundation, of which a third author, the Dutch general Henk van den Breemen, is member of the board of directors. He was awarded the Great Cross of Merit with Star and shoulder ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.[1] Another co-author has a background linked to the Georgian veterans of the Nazi SS and is today with the "United Defense Industries" (USA/GB).[2]

Customary Law

The study is based on the premise that the Westphalian System, the fundamental codex for modern international law and a worldwide peaceful order (pax universalis), no longer applies. What is needed instead, according to the study, is an "adaptation of international law to these transformed conditions." As the authors explain, wars against other nations should not need the authorization of the United Nations, if the declared intervention is to thwart a "genocide" and placed in reference to "customary law." This path, allege the authors, has been made available with NATO's attack on Yugoslavia and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.[3] General Naumann from Germany holds special significance in that he was one of the leading planers of the Kosovo War [4] He alleges that the resulting aggression - carried out in violation of international law - has the character of having created a legal precedent.


The military study demands a totalization of the arsenals needed for first strike capability. This is the only way for the USA, NATO and the EU to secure their "escalation dominance." The nuclear first strike is literally referred to as "indispensable". These NATO officers also propose strikes against foreign nations' cyber systems to deprive them of their means of communication. Following a "victory by paralysis," "destruction and occupation," a "transitional administration" will be installed, whose police and judicial powers will be dictated by the victors. How such a conquest will be carried out in conditions of radioactive contamination was not touched upon in the study. But NATO is in fact preparing for invasions into contaminated regions. The necessary anti-ABC (nuclear, biological, chemical warfare) furnishings are being supplied by OWR AG, with the nuclear planner Naumann on its board of directors.

Media Strategy

As the military authors emphasize, it is only possible to escalate a war up to the nuclear level, if the population is in favor. "Debates" on the home front that hamper the military effectiveness cannot be tolerated. "Operations" for the purpose of maintaining defense preparedness could become indispensable, threaten the authors, implying media control. The objective is to use a "first strike media strategy" to take over the headlines.

Military Dictatorship

The study proposes that a political directorate, comprised of the USA, NATO and the EU, should control the entire social system. Several European capitals are examining the concept of what amounts to a military dictatorship for its feasibility.

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