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FLENSBURG/BOZEN/BAGHDAD/ATHENS (Own report) - German ethno-specialists are aiding in the preparations for Iraq's territorial partitioning into three ("autonomous") states. The partitioning is being prepared by a "study group" of the US Congress, under the chairmanship of former Secretary of State, James Baker. According to their plan Iraq must be subdivided into "autonomous regions". The "European Academy Bozen" is giving training courses in "autonomy" to Iraq's future regional managers. Over the past few weeks courses in this program have been given. The "European" academy is a minority research institute, financed by the government of the German-speaking province, Bozen, in Italy's Southern Tyrol region. The academy has close ties to well-known front organizations of the Berlin government's foreign policy apparatus, whose activities can be termed "ethnicist" and "racist". At a joint conference next week in Bozen, ethno-specialists aim to take up other international areas of tension. The focus of the "ethnic group" consultations, under German leadership, are the conflicts in Northern Ireland and Northern Spain ("Basque Country") as well as alleged centers of conflict in Greece.

Last week around 40 delegates of Baghdad's war administration came to Bozen for instructions in "autonomy". In the context of a masters study course on "federalism in pluralistic States,"[1] they were to receive insights into the "living together of peoples of various ethnic groups." The ethnicist "folk group" concept, that laid the groundwork for the victimization of hundreds of thousands during the reign of Nazi terror [2], currently forms the basis for the US agenda for the break-up of Iraq into zones of "folk groups."[3] Accordingly, the "folk groups" the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds will be divided into three regional states, in order to facilitate the control of that country, rich in raw materials. US planning explicitly refers to the ethnic (blood) homogenization of Iraq, which is to be wiped from the map through the establishment of "blood borders".[4]

By force

In the past few weeks, the participants in the class being trained in the "folk group" concept ("lawyers and administrators from various provinces in Iraq") were hosted by "the European Academy Bozen", one of the minority research institutes financed, with approximately five million Euros, by the government of the Southern Tyrol Peoples Party (SVP). (The entire budget is ten million Euros). The SVP, considered right wing, represents the interests of the German-language population of the Italian province Bozen. Adviser to the Bozen Academy's special field, "minority rights" is the German ethno-specialist, Rainer Hofmann (Frankfurt/Main), who demands an "independent identity" for "folk groups" and blood-line "peoples."[5] According to Hofmann the "forced assimilation" of his blood-line "peoples" justifies "(...) the forceful establishment of separate states or border changes" - one of the US plans of operation, now to be applied in Iraq. The Iraqi ambassador to Italy, Mohammed Mahmoud Al Amili, accompanied the future managers of the Iraqi central state in dissolution, to the courses at the Bozen Minority Institute.


The Bozen Institute maintains close relations with the "Federal Union of European Nationalities" (FUEN) and other forefront organizations of German foreign policy. The FUEN [6] was founded by Nazi collaborators, and - like the Minority Institute "European Academy" - receives finances from the Bozen state government. The FUEN and the "European Academy" have announced that an "international conference" will be held at the beginning of next week with the participation of "approximately 100 representatives of minorities from all over Europe". Among the hosts of the conference is also the Society For Threatened Peoples (GfbV), from Goettingen Germany. The main topics will be "Northern Ireland" and the "Basque Country." According to FUEN, from the perspective of the "name-giving states" (Great Britain, Spain) these constitute "ethnic areas of tension."[7] FUEN has its main offices in Northern Germany's Flensburg, and enjoys substantial state financing from the German government.


Even in Greece, the FUEN is attending to the "folk groups" it has discovered. The German ethno-politicians would like to bring the "Aromunen" [8] and the "Macedonian folk group" [9] under German influence. These "folk groups," invented by the FUEN, are unknown in Greece. Greek authorities have already officially protested in the past because of German ethno-specialists' attempts to instigate minority politics in Greece.[10] Athens fears a deliberate destabilization in the border areas of Northern Greece, which could have consequences for the territorial integrity of the country.


Based on the models created in the interim between the 2 world wars, FUEN alleges, in a recently published "Charter", that Europe is populated by over 300 minorities with approximately 100 million members. This would mean "that approx. every seventh European confesses that he/she belongs to a native, national minority."[11] As far as the FUEN's contrived confessions of territorial attachment ("autochthon"), or the genealogy ("folk groups") are concerned, these are aimed at a number of legally presumptuous measures to disintegrate nation-state structures, by promoting and consolidating disparate ethnic identities. Accordingly the 100 million members of European "folk groups" have a "right to the protection of their traditional homelands" and shall neither be assimilated nor become "over alienated" on their home territory. The "basic principles" of the current FUEN Charter state literally: "we, autochthons, national minorities/ folk groups, invoke for ourselves the right (...) to be protected from assimilation." At the same time, the FUEN demands "cultural autonomy as well as appropriate forms of self-government" for what it defines as "folk groups'" homelands of the 300 minorities. Europe's true social origin minorities (immigrants) are explicitly excluded from demands for these rights.

Blood and soil

The Europe-wide ethno-activities, which international observers agree are racist [12] and covertly serve German foreign policy interests, are receiving growing government support. On the occasion of the announcement of the FUEN Charter, in the city of Bautzen (in the German state of Saxony), the attending Christian-Democrat Prime Minister of the state, Georg Milbradt reassured the "folk group" ethnicists of a continuous co-financing from the government of his state. A similar flow of funds is granted by the state government of Schleswig-Holstein, in Germany, the state government of Kaernten, in Austria, the government of the German-language community in Belgium, as well as, the government of the German-speaking province, Bozen in Italy, which is closely cooperating with the FUEN. Thus the FUEN has developed into a pan-Germanic steering committee for German foreign policy interests of "folk groups." Dr. Detlev Rein, Undersecretary in the German Interior Ministry, is chairman of their advisory board. Rein is chairman of the personnel union of the European Council's expert Committee for the Protection of National Minorities (CAHMIN) and is spreading the German ethno-policy at the international level. According to the FUEN, even the German parliamentary opposition, including "the Linke.PDS" party is participating in the multi-partisan support of the FUEN and its blood and soil policy.[13].

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