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Nach der partiellen Schließung der schwedischen Grenzen für Flüchtlinge verhängt das erste deutsche Bundesland einen Aufnahmestopp.

EU oder Krieg
Luxemburgs Außenminister Jean Asselborn warnt vor einem Zerfall der EU.

Neue Lager
Die Innenminister der EU haben sich auf Maßnahmen geeinigt, die Flüchtlinge aus Deutschland fernhalten sollen.

Krieg in Europa?
Der ehemalige Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt warnt vor einem neuen Krieg in Europa.

Verletzte ausgeflogen
Die Bundeswehr hat 20 verwundete Kämpfer aus der Ukraine zur Behandlung nach Deutschland ausgeflogen.

Außen und innen
Der deutsche Außenminister moniert eine mangelnde Zustimmung in der Bevölkerung für eine offensive deutsche Weltpolitik.

Die Verantwortung Berlins
Der ehemalige EU-Kommissar Günter Verheugen erhebt im Konflikt um die Ukraine schwere Vorwürfe gegen Berlin.

"Ein gutes Deutschland"
Das deutsche Staatsoberhaupt schwingt sich zum Lehrmeister der Türkei auf.

Die Dynamik des "Pravy Sektor"
Der Jugendverband der NPD kündigt einen "Europakongress" unter Beteiligung des "Pravy Sektor" ("Rechter Sektor") aus der Ukraine an.

Der Mann der Deutschen
Die deutsche Kanzlerin hat am gestrigen Montag zwei Anführer der Proteste in der Ukraine empfangen.

Germany's Contribution to the Bomb
(Own report) - The modernization of nuclear weapons - already possessed by nine countries, and affecting Germany through "nuclear sharing" - is rapidly progressing, according to a current analysis of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The overall number of nuclear weapons in the world has slightly decreased SIPRI notes. However, new US-bombs (B61-12), . . .

On a Par (II)
(Own report) - At the Munich Security Conference last weekend, the German government assumed the role of an ally "on a par" with the United States. The chancellor and several ministers of Germany formulated conditions for continued cooperation with the US government, while holding out the prospect of a "stronger Europe," which, according to Germany's . . .

Ascending and Descending Powers
(Own report) - While Sigmar Gabriel was making his first official visit as Germany's Foreign Minister to Washington last week, the dispute over Washington's likely ambassador to the European Union was escalating. The candidate for that post in Brussels, Ted Malloch, does not rule out the collapse of the euro in the 18 months to . . .

Transatlantic Trade War
(Own report) - In the looming trade war between the EU and the USA, Brussels is threatening to officially denounce the United States as a "tax haven." The EU Commission is currently preparing this affront to the world power, following Washington's strong criticism of Germany's excessive trade surplus. In the six years, from 2010 to . . .

On the Road to Autonomy
(Own report) - Recent media reports have, for the first time, disclosed US American interference in German business deals with recalcitrant countries. US authorities intervene directly, if German companies carry out financial transactions, for example, with Iran. Repeatedly, Washington has successfully blocked business deals - even though they had been legal in Germany - and . . .

An Essential Part of the West
(Own report) - After Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential elections, the German government announced that it will continue its close cooperation with the United States and is calling for enhancing Germany's position in the transatlantic relationship. Chancellor Angela Merkel "offered" President-elect Donald Trump "close cooperation" on the basis of particular conditions. Jürgen Hardt, . . .

Ice-Cold Geopolitics (I)
(Own report) - A NATO war game, currently taking place in Norway, with the participation of elite units of the German Bundeswehr, includes training the deployment of nuclear arms against Russia. The exercise named "Cold Response" involves the use of B-52 bombers, particularly designed to drop nuclear bombs. According to Adm. Cecil D. Haney, commander . . .

The Jihad's Usefulness (II)
(Own report) - A recently declassified memo of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reveals that the West had supported the creation of the "Islamic State" (IS). Using jihadist forces has been a Western tradition for decades, as the Afghanistan war in the 1980s and an analysis of the Western power struggle with Iran (especially . . .

A Salafist Principality
In August 2012, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) mentioned a possible "Salafist Principality" in Eastern Syria and a possible foundation of an "Islamic State". german-foreign-policy.com documents excerpts from the DIA paper. . . .

The Renaissance of the West (II)
(Own report) - German military experts have initiated a debate on NATO's nuclear rearmament. The Western war alliance has "become more important" through the Ukraine crisis, wrote a high-ranking specialist of the Federal Academy for Security Policy (BAKS) in Berlin in a recently published discussion paper. In this context, "nuclear deterrence" must again become a . . .

The Renaissance of the West (I)
(Own report) - German foreign policy experts are calling for a "renaissance" of the transatlantic alliance to defend Western global hegemony. According to the strategy paper written by two German authors, published recently by the think tank of the European People's Party (EPP), the EU must strengthen its cooperation with the United States in spite . . .

The West under Pressure
(Own report) - Transatlantic circles are warning against a global "disengagement" by the West and is calling for a renewed cohesiveness between NATO countries under US leadership. The fact that Russia was able to take over the Crimea and that China can obstinately maintain its position in disputes over several islands and groups of islands . . .

A Monroe Doctrine for Eastern Europe
(Own report) - NATO should apply a new "Monroe Doctrine" to lay claim to hegemony over Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus. This is the demand advanced for discussion by a prominent German daily. According to the author, countries such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are located "within a dangerous grey area." Regardless of the . . .

Powerful Ally
(Own report) - Demands for a stronger orientation on a global cooperation with the United States are being raised in Germany's foreign policy establishment. In face of growing global insecurity, it would be very useful to have a powerful ally, according to a programmatic article by an editor of "Die Zeit" published in Germany's leading . . .

A New Grand Strategy
(Own report) - An influential German weekly opened a debate on the call for redefining EU - US relations. The West's current policy toward Ukraine is diametrically opposed to "European" interests, according to an article published in the online-edition of the German weekly "Die Zeit". "Europe should not deprive itself of cooperation with Moscow; it . . .

Energy as a Weapon
(Own report) - The German Chancellor is suggesting that the EU should take a "new look at its energy policy" as a whole. As Angela Merkel confirmed last week, several EU countries are at least partially "very highly dependent" on "the supply of raw materials from Russia." Spurred on by the Ukrainian crisis, Berlin and . . .

How to Make a Bad Situation Worse
(Own report) - An expert at Berlin's Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) is warning against an expansion of German-European military missions. "The analysis of interventions over the past twenty years" has led to "sobering insights into the limitations" of foreign military operations, according to a current position paper published by the SWP. This . . .

Zones of Future Conflicts
(Own report) - German government advisors are warning against an arms race and possible military confrontations in East Asia. As a recent study by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) explains, China's attempts to take control over its coastal waters and its maritime trade routes collide with the USA's attempts to uphold . . .

Enemy Combatants
(Own report) - Germany's foreign espionage Federal Intelligence Service (BND) communicated mobile radio data on terror suspects, collected in Afghanistan to the USA's NSA military espionage service. This has been reported in the media. According to these reports, this data permits the establishment of a movement profile, which according to experts can serve to locate . . .

Still in the Dark
(Own report) - The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) admits having forwarded so-called metadata to the US military's NSA secret service. According to the BND, this data which, as shown by US whistleblower Edward Snowden's documents, was forwarded from Germany to the United States, may also contain material resulting from espionage in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, . . .

The Case of NATO's Mutual Defense
(Own report) - Recent media reports have confirmed the involvement of German domestic intelligence services in the cooperation with US internet espionage. According to these reports, not only Germany's foreign Federal Intelligence Service (BND) but also the domestic intelligence gathering "Federal Office for the Defense of the Constitution" (BfV) has access to special NSA XKeyscore . . .

Friend and Foe
(Own report) - New reports are confirming the close cooperation of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) with the National Security Agency (NSA). According to these reports, BND agents have repeatedly visited the NSA headquarters at Fort Meade to discuss technical issues. The NSA has also furnished the BND instruments for analyzing intercepted data. A . . .

Allied Services (II)
(Own report) - Already 25 years ago, the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) had had extensive knowledge of the wide-ranging espionage activities of the NSA in West Germany. This has been exposed in a rather recent reprint of a 1989 news article. According to this article, the NSA was already feeding information to German intelligence . . .

Allied Services (I)
(Own report) - The German Chancellor has announced initial measures in the scandal surrounding the comprehensive internet and telephone surveillance by the US American and British intelligence services. In view of the most recent reports of US espionage, including in EU facilities, Angela Merkel declared through her spokesperson, "that is unacceptable." After all, "the cold . . .

The Economic NATO
(Own report) - With their current plans to establish a Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, Berlin and Washington are forging ahead with the establishment of an anti-Chinese economic block. This was one of the subjects the German Chancellor discussed with the US President today. In the struggle against the economic crisis, this is considered an appropriate . . .

The Basis of Transatlantic Interests
(Own report) - The German Foreign Minister has called on the new US administration to consolidate transatlantic economic relations. "Europe and the USA" should "soon reach an agreement on concrete negotiations for a transatlantic free trade zone," proposed Guido Westerwelle. This could bring new "growth." Experts are estimating billions in possible added profits. Regarding its . . .

Regardless Who Wins
(Own report) - Regardless of who will win the presidential elections in the United States, German political observers are not anticipating a change of course in U.S. foreign policy. "It is essentially immaterial who wins," predicts an expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). That country's "enormous economic problems" leave the next US . . .

The Transatlantic Future
(Own report) - In view of this year's US presidential elections, German government advisors have diagnosed major tensions in relations between Berlin and Washington, which have arisen because of the USA's grave economic difficulties demanding inevitable drastic austerity measures. It is also uncertain how long the dollar will be able to maintain its exceptional global . . .

Silent Complicity
(Own report) - Government advisors in Berlin are warning against continuing German complicity in the increasing incidence of "targeted killings" by the US armed forces and the CIA. A newly published study by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) confirms that the United States is dramatically expanding its use of "targeted killings," . . .

Old and New World Powers
(Own report) - German naval experts are predicting a dramatic shift over the next twenty years in the balance of power between the world's leading naval forces. Whereas the naval capabilities of several countries in East and Southeast Asia are growing considerably, those of the US are shrinking slightly. European naval units, including those of . . .

Permanent War
(Own report) - The debate around the modalities for troop withdrawals, due to begin next year, has become livelier, even before today's opening of the International Afghanistan Conference. A US expert in the Washington establishment proposes that Afghanistan be divided along an east-west axis. In the thereby separated north of the country, a continued loyalty . . .

Arctic Roadmap
(Own report) - German Navy circles are discussing US plans for the militarization of the Arctic. According to the latest edition of the German magazine "MarineForum", the US Navy is currently elaborating concrete scenarios for missions in the Arctic Ocean to develop arms programs for the next few years and is examining the possibility of . . .

Fear of Demotion (II)
(Own report) - Just before the opening of this years annual Munich Security Conference, German government advisors are assessing US global policy in the aftermath of the Bush era. The German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin writes that President Obama, upon taking office, aroused "great expectations" in terms of an intensified . . .

Like the Post-Bismarck Era (II)
(Own report) - On the occasion of the 20 anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall, the German Chancellor is calling for the establishment of a new world order. Monday, at a conference focusing on the consequences of the GDR's collapse, Angela Merkel declared that the United States must be prepared to subordinate itself . . .

Interrogation Techniques
german-foreign-policy.com reports excerpts from a CIA document on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. (Full text: documents.nytimes.com/c-i-a-reports-on-interrogation-methods#p=1 ) . . .

Without Consequences
(Own report) - In the course of the German cabinet reshuffle, human rights organizations are raising grave accusations against the German government. In a recent Human Rights Watch statement, an expert is demanding that EU governments "reveal the true extent of torture carried out on their soil", because of their assistance in CIA abductions and . . .

Boycott through Silence
(Own report) - Recently released US documents on CIA use of torture have brought to light crimes against humanity, committed by the West, with German support, in its "War on Terror". As became known from an internal CIA report, released Monday, even the new interrogation guidelines for the foreign intelligence agencies handed down in 2002, . . .

Important Customer: The Pentagon
(Own report) - German companies are backing up their million dollar business deals with the Pentagon by providing special benefits to personnel of the US armed forces, according to NGOs in Germany and the USA. Employees of US military hospitals have their travel expenses to "congresses" and "trainings" paid particularly by pharmaceutical and medical technology . . .

Fear of Demotion
(Own report) - EU political strategists are alarmed by US proposals for a closer cooperation between the USA and the People's Republic of China. According to the EU think tank European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) "fears" are revived "within Europe that it could be sidelined in a new world order." These fears are fomented . . .

Falling Giants (II)
(Own report) - The US president's brief visit to Germany is being overshadowed by a long-term shift in the balance of power in trans-Atlantic relations. The bankruptcy of the US automobile giant, General Motors (GM), and Berlin's success in forcing it to relinquish its European subsidiaries (Opel, Vauxhall) to a Germany-linked consortium, has led to . . .

Equilibrium rather than Exclusion
(Own report) - Prior to this year's Munich Security Conference, Berlin is pushing for a change in the Western Middle East policy. Wolfgang Ischinger, chairman and host of the Munich Security Conference is demanding a new approach to Teheran, and particularly that the USA establishes "normal relations with Teheran". High ranking Iranian politicians are expected . . .

Contribution to Operational Command
(Own Report) - Before the new administration in Washington takes office, a new transatlantic accord concerning the future war strategy at the Hindu Kush is in the making. This accord foresees a rise in troop levels to 20,000 soldiers, while the civilian-military accompanying component will be given more importance, as Berlin demands. In addition, efforts . . .

"Struggle of the Major Powers"
(Own report) - The Bertelsmann Foundation presented a list of foreign policy demands to the new US administration. According to the Bertelsmann Foundation, the "Briefing Book," which was presented last week in Washington, is a "policy blueprint that proposes strategies" for the US president-elect and his team, "from a distinctly European perspective." The Briefing Book . . .

From Dollars to Euros (II)
(Own report) - Reaffirming their desire for a position of global leadership, Berlin and Brussels have put forward their first demands to the incoming US administration. After last week's informal EU summit, European leaders stated that the EU would like to be a trail-blazer in overcoming the world's financial crisis. Concrete proposals have been elaborated . . .

Disastrous Consequences
(Own report) - In the run-up to next week's EU summit, a German EU politician has threatened the Irish government with "disastrous consequences". According to the influential German CDU member of the European Parliament, Elmar Brok, it is imperative that Dublin present its concrete proposals for winning a second referendum on the "Lisbon Treaty" at . . .

(Own report) - German banks and insurance companies are fighting for an appropriate portion of the multi-billion dollar US Government emergency bail out plan. On the weekend, the government confirmed its plan to expropriate at least US $700 billion from American taxpayers to prop up bankrupt private US institutions. This announcement included a restriction: Only . . .

Transatlantic Muscle Flexing
(Own report) - The German-French arms manufacturer EADS' expansion attempt has become a topic of debate in the US presidential elections. After the Government Accountability Office criticized the contract awarded EADS and its US-American partner Northrop Grumman by the US Air Force for the delivery of refueling aircraft valued US $35 billion, observers are expecting . . .

Examined and Interrogated
(Own report) - German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeiner has again denied any earlier knowledge of torture in the US "war on terror". During last Thursday's session of the Committee of Inquiry in the German Bundestag, Steinmeier declared that reports of mistreatment in US confinement of Abdel Halim Khafagy, a German residing in Munich, played "no . . .

Mobilize at Any Time
(Own report) - On Monday May 19, the Dalai Lama will terminate his visit to Germany after having met with the German Minister for Development and given a speech in Berlin. This time, following interventions from business circles, the German government has restrained its anti-Chinese provocations. Neither the chancellor, the foreign minister, nor the president . . .

Transatlantic Axis
(Own report) - Just after having been awarded the "contract of the century" by the US Air Force, the German-French arms manufacturer, EADS, announced its intention to take over companies in the United States. According to an internal EADS memorandum, the company will effectuate already in 2008 "at least one" acquisition in the USA. The . . .

World Power Theory
(Own report) - New theories to legitimize counterinsurgency and war are being discussed in leading foreign and military policy circles in the German capital. Explanatory models are being used, deducing rebellions against poverty and insurrections against foreign occupation from demographic factors. Thus tensions and unrest in the Islamic world and in Africa are attributed to . . .

Civilians on the Battlefield
(Own report) - With the procurement of thousands of "extras", German firms are helping the US Army in its military training for illegal combat missions in Iraq. The company "Firma DSS" in Rostock (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania) for example, is supplying civilians ("Civilians on the Battlefield") for maneuvers to prepare for deployment, in a war being waged . . .

Strategies of Attrition (IV)
(Own report) - German foreign policy makers, are upping their political pressure on Beijing, and holding talks with a Chinese separatist. As the Munich based "World Uyghur Congress (WUC)" announced, its president, Rebiya Kadeer will also be received by the foreign ministry. The Uyghurs, a Muslim minority from the autonomous region Xinjiang (Western China), are . . .

Sinking Into Barbarism (II)
(Own report) - The European Council's special reporter, Dick Marty, made serious accusations against the current German government and its "red-green" predecessor. Dick Marty, of Switzerland, had been entrusted for months with the investigation of the cooperation in torture carried out on behalf of the United States. In the report presented on the second weekend . . .

Sudan: The Left Disguise
(Own report) - Under persistent pressure from Berlin and the EU, the United Nations Human Rights Council decided on December 13 to dispatch an "expert commission" to the West Sudanese civil war area of Darfur. Though this further internationalizes the civil war in Sudan, the debate in the German capital, Berlin, continues to rage around . . .

Sudan: The Anti-Khartoum Front
(Own report) - The government in Berlin is increasing pressure on Khartoum. A decision was taken Dec. 15 concerning an extension of the deployment of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) in Sudan. The Sudanese government must allow UN troops into the civil war torn region of Darfur, insists the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee of the . . .

Heinrich Boell and Co: "Drinking CIA Brandies"
(Own report) – At the beginning of their careers, several top correspondents of German television's prominent First (ARD) and Second (ZDF) channels were in contact with CIA front organizations. The meeting place was a "mansion close to the Rhine, financed by the secret service", says the author of a documentary film broadcast by the French-German . . .

Heinrich Boell: "State Directed"
(Own report) - The German writer Heinrich Boell had worked for several front organizations of the US secret service. This is alleged in a TV documentation of the French-German television channel ARTE, which was introduced to the press in Berlin. "We all worked for the CIA", admitted the former business administrator of the base of . . .

Steinmeier and His Accomplices
(Own report) - The central command unit for world-wide kidnapping, torture and subversion operations is located in Frankfurt/Main. This command central consists of approximately 200 agents of the US secret service, CIA, and was involved in the abduction of German citizens - with the knowledge of the German authorities. This is to be learned from . . .

(Own report) - The German government's connivance in the escape of the Nazi mass murderer, Adolf Eichmann, has caused little public indignation in Germany, nor has it become a theme for the media. As head of the of the Third Reich's Section IV D4 of the Central Security Office (handling Jewish affairs and evacuation), Eichmann . . .

Red Handed
(Own report) - The transfer of reinforcements for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, by way of the Leipzig Airport, has begun. A contingent of 400 US soldiers landed last Sunday, as is being documented by photos, published here by german-foreign-policy.com. The troop transport arrived from the USA, as the German air traffic control confirmed . . .

Target Radius Includes Beijing
(Own report) - The German government intends to respond to the US furnishing arms to India, with an economic policy offensive and with having German clout more clearly felt in New Delhi. President George W. Bush recently announced that the USA would like to fortify India's nuclear potential and assured appropriate deliveries. These offers are . . .

In Accordance With the Law
(Own report) - In spite of evidence of official German complicity in cases of abduction and torture, the authorities are refusing to take the consequences. This pertains to the former Ministers Josef Fischer and Otto Schily as well as members of the current government, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Brigitte Zypries. During their periods in office, German . . .

Potential for War
The German chancellor wishes to secure his country's ascent in the UN by promising aid to the People's Republic of China. France supports him in the hopes for Beijing's consideration in return. Paris needs China's agreement in order to bring the fusion reactor ,,Iter"into France (total cost is 10 billion Euro). Berlin depends on China for its ascent in the . . .

Elite of Nations
The campaign by the German Federal Government to obtain full membership on the UN Security Council has failed. Under no circumstances will Berlin receive the desired veto right and must accept second or third class status. For the moment, this is the result of bitter objections voiced by the USA, Italy and several Eastern European UN members against Germany's demands. . . .

Fit for War
PRINCETON (Own report)
During a high profile policy speech, the German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, offered ,,equal"partnership to the US administration for the purpose of, jointly, winning the struggle for a ,,new world order". The ,,new world order"would eliminate international ,,loss of order"and achieve ,,positive globalization."All methods must be employed and belligerent actions are not specifically ruled out. Rather it is meant . . .

Competition and strategic alliances (VI)
As announced, the German-French enterprise EADS, the world's second largest aviation, space travel and armament consortium, begins its expansion into the United State's armaments market, displacing its main competitor Boeing. At the same time, the group extends its co-operation with Russian companies, which shall - especially in space travel - strengthen the consortium's position of independence vis a vis the USA. . . .

Background report: Berlin/Washington - division of labor against Iran?
At present, the Middle East is viewed as a decisive battle ground in the competition for hegemony in the future ,,world order."Berlin and Washington recognize not only their mutual intentions ( ,,to pressure these countries to open themselves politically"), but also considerable differences which call for co-ordination, because only a joint effort promises success. Berlin sees German-European interests threatened by the . . .

Complementary war power
The German ambassador to Washington recommends that Berlin and the EU should participate in the attempt of the USA to eliminate the ,,Fiction of the (...) equality of states"- if necessary by military means. As a countermove the United States is requested to give priority status to German interests in the ,,reorganisation"of the world. . . .

Berlin Invasion Act?
The US Congress is considering a law to prevent, if necessary with military force, charges of ,,Crimes against Humanity"when applied to US-interests. Among other things, this legislation is directed against German legal procedures which grant Berlin the right to prosecute globally such actual or fabricated crimes, ,,independent of the scene of the crime or the nationality of the participants."With that, . . .

A lull in the conflict
While tensions between Berlin and Washington are stabilising, German foreign policy continues to be a source of division. While it is incumbent upon circles around the present administration to develop a long range competitive strategy, the present German political opposition attempts to reassure Washington. After respective contacts with the US administration, by Chancellor Schröder (SPD) . . .

The will to world power
One of the most influential political experts in Berlin believes that the opportunity has arrived to dispute ,,world hegemony"with the USA. He demands that the EU (which he sees as ,,a world power in the making") should make use of this chance. A foreign policy specialist of the SPD (Social Democrat Party) favours a rapprochement with the ,,islamic states"to . . .

Germany prepares to repair rift with Washington
The impending war has certainly put a cat among the pigeons, throwing all usual diplomatic relations into disarray. The row between Washington and Berlin has been particularly sharp. Yet within hours of having been re-elected on an anti-war and anti-American ticket, the government of Gerhard Schröder set about building its broken bridges with Washington. . . .

Berlin: EU must assert itself against the USA in Latin America
The European Union wishes to intensify its economic and political relations with Latin America and the Caribbean region. The German federal government and parliament had previously pressed for the common strategic policy, agreed under the German presidency of the EU in 1999 to be advanced and to overcome the opposition to it in various EU member states. US analysts saw . . .

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