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Nach der partiellen Schließung der schwedischen Grenzen für Flüchtlinge verhängt das erste deutsche Bundesland einen Aufnahmestopp.

EU oder Krieg
Luxemburgs Außenminister Jean Asselborn warnt vor einem Zerfall der EU.

Neue Lager
Die Innenminister der EU haben sich auf Maßnahmen geeinigt, die Flüchtlinge aus Deutschland fernhalten sollen.

Krieg in Europa?
Der ehemalige Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt warnt vor einem neuen Krieg in Europa.

Verletzte ausgeflogen
Die Bundeswehr hat 20 verwundete Kämpfer aus der Ukraine zur Behandlung nach Deutschland ausgeflogen.

Außen und innen
Der deutsche Außenminister moniert eine mangelnde Zustimmung in der Bevölkerung für eine offensive deutsche Weltpolitik.

Die Verantwortung Berlins
Der ehemalige EU-Kommissar Günter Verheugen erhebt im Konflikt um die Ukraine schwere Vorwürfe gegen Berlin.

"Ein gutes Deutschland"
Das deutsche Staatsoberhaupt schwingt sich zum Lehrmeister der Türkei auf.

Die Dynamik des "Pravy Sektor"
Der Jugendverband der NPD kündigt einen "Europakongress" unter Beteiligung des "Pravy Sektor" ("Rechter Sektor") aus der Ukraine an.

Der Mann der Deutschen
Die deutsche Kanzlerin hat am gestrigen Montag zwei Anführer der Proteste in der Ukraine empfangen.

The Limits of the Dictates
(Own report) - Berlin's austerity dictate, ruthlessly imposed on Athens, is suffering its first blowbacks, weakening German hegemony over the EU. The China Ocean Shipping Company's (COSCO) purchase of stakes in the Piraeus Port Authority, Athens had been forced to sell under pressure from Berlin and Brussels, is one example. COSCO, which had already acquired . . .

Forced to Flee (IV)
(Own report) - Germany is significantly responsible for helping create the conditions causing tens of thousands to flee from Kosovo. This has been confirmed by an analysis of the development that seceded territory has taken since NATO's 1999 aggression, in which Germany had played a leading role. Prominent German politicians have also played leading roles . . .

From Račak to Maidan
(Own report) - A year after Berlin helped instigate the putsch in Ukraine, new information is coming to light about the February 20, 2014 Kiev Massacre. That bloodbath, of more than 50 people killed, accelerated the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych and was also used - even in Germany - to justify the putsch. As . . .

The Hegemony over Southeast Europe
(Own report) -The "Western Balkans Conference", opening in Berlin today, is overshadow by the dispute over sanctions against Russia and criticism of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). Serbia, a participant in the conference, has declared, it will not join the EU's sanctions. Serbian enterprises are therefore not affected by Russian countermeasures and are even replacing . . .

The Logic of War
(Own report) - The European Court of Auditors (ECA) is making serious accusations against the German-EU Kosovo occupation policy. According to the ECA's report published Tuesday, not much can be seen of the "rule of law," that the EU for years has been pretending to establish in the region that had seceded from Serbia in . . .

Axis Berlin-Belgrade-Moscow
(Own report) - The newly elected Serbian president Tomislav Nikolić, is offering Berlin an exclusive cooperation within the framework of German-Russian cooperation. Nikolić, a nationalist, with roots in the extreme right and good contacts to Moscow, declared that his country could serve as a manufacturing site for German companies to re-export their goods to Russia . . .

Became Part of the West
(Own report) - Serious accusations are again being raised against the secessionist regime in Kosovo, which is being supported by Berlin. As Dick Marty, Special Rapporteur to the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council, wrote in his newly published report, the current prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has not only played the leading role . . .

Forming Opinions (II)
(Own report) - The Serbian Minister of the Economy, Mladan Dinkic is calling on the WAZ media group from Germany to leave Serbia because of its dubious intrigues. After a deal was revealed that was aimed at making the Essen-based company a leader on the Serbian market, Dinkic said that the WAZ cannot be allowed . . .

Forming Opinions (I)
(Own report) - The German WAZ media company's efforts to expand to Serbia have been accompanied by dubious business deals. The company, headquartered in the western German city of Essen, which nearly nine years ago bought a 50% share in one of the two most prominent Serbian dailies, has, for some time, been seeking to . . .

A Success Story
(Own report) - Serious social upheavals are threatening to erupt in Kosovo on the second anniversary of its secession, accomplished with strong German impulsion. Since its breaking away from Serbia, the economic situation of the region has become desolate, with an increase in bitter poverty, protests and strikes. Outside the EU there is talk of . . .

The Mafiosi State (II)
(Own report) - A new mafia scandal involving Berlin's Kosovo partner is creating unrest in Pristina. A former agent of the Kosovo intelligence service explained that a close associate of Kosovo's incumbent Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, had commissioned the assassinations of political opponents. According to his report, spies from Thaci's entourage were also responsible for . . .

Lying in Wait
(Own report) - The Austrian government is pushing the government of Croatia to compensate the Nazi profiteers resettled in the aftermath of the Second World War. This was reported by an association of resettled persons in Vienna. According to a letter written by the Austrian President to the Danube Swabian Working Group, Austria's foreign minister . . .

From the Black Forest to the Black Sea
(Own report) - At a "Danube Summit," beginning Wednesday in Ulm, German authorities will be seeking to entrench German hegemony over Southeast Europe. With the participation of several heads of states, the summit will round off preparations for an alliance of all Danube riparian countries. The "Council of the Danube Cities and Regions", is to . . .

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
(Own report) - The arrest in Kosovo of several agents of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) shines the spotlight once again on the political criminal happenings in this western protectorate. The three men, working for a front company of the German foreign espionage service, are charged with involvement in several bomb attacks against facilities . . .

In Accordance With NATO Standards
(Own report) - According to the separatist "government" in Pristina, the German Government is paying millions in militarily equipment to transform the former UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army - KLA) terrorist group into a Kosovan army. German soldiers are providing "manned support" and the German Bundeswehr the military hardware. The new troops, operating under the name . . .

Arbitrariness in Power
(Own report) - Because of a Serbian UN initiative, Berlin's Kosovo policy is threatened with serious defeat. Belgrade is requesting that the UN General Assembly petition the International Court of Justice in The Hague (ICJ) for an advisory opinion on Kosovo's secession from Serbia. The Assembly is expected to vote on Wednesday. Germany was unsuccessful . . .

Pure Chaos
(Own report) - After massive pressure from Berlin the UN Security Council will discuss the reconstruction of the UN administration in Kosovo on Friday 20 June. Some days ago the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon gave way to Western pressure and agreed to the illegal step of the deployment of EULEX, the EU "Police and . . .

"Thank You Germany!"
(Own report) - Sunday, after Berlin's years of preparations, the South-Serbian province, Kosovo, declared its secession in violation of international law. Kosovo is "independent" of Serbia, declared Hashim Thaci, the Prime Minister of the Provincial Administration in Pristina. The German government intends to recognize the secession soon. Berlin will thereby be participating in the violation . . .

Political Friendships
(Own report) - The trial against a close collaborator of Joachim Ruecker, the German UN administrator in Kosovo, is drawing to a close with the concluding declarations before the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague due to begin this week. The International War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia had charged the former Kosovo . . .

Out of Control
german-foreign-policy.com spoke with John Laughland on his new book "Travesty. The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic and the Corruption of International Justice" (Pluto Press 2007). Laughland is the author of The Tainted Source (1997) and Le tribunal pénal international (2003). . . .

Self Determination
(Own report) - Serbia should relinquish its southern province of Kosovo and place itself under the patronage of its former enemies. That is the gist of the offer which the German presidency made to the Belgrade government last Monday. As a reward for the renunciation of Kosovo, negotiations would be opened with the EU for . . .

A Sort of Resurrection for Yugoslavia
(Own report) - Next Sunday the people of Montenegro vote on leaving the State Union with Serbia. The vote will decide the formal completion of the German-sponsored final destruction of former Yugoslavia. The supporters of secession will profit from the support of Germany and the EU, who have given uninterrupted support to leading personalities in . . .

Imperial Consummation
(gfp.com) - According to Serbian press reports, German secret services have begun with the training of espionage and intelligence organizations in Kosovo. It appears that German influence in the Kosovo protectorate administration is growing. Germany disposes over its own networks also within the economic sector and has secured for itself wide ranging influence in expropriation . . .

Berlin threatens Serbia and Montenegro
The German Foreign Office is putting the Serb Government under massive pressure to try to stop the sale of a steel company to a US firm. The German Ambassador in Belgrade has threatened Serbia in an official note with severe economic and legal consequences if the decision is not revoked. . . .

German administrator calls territorial integrity of Yugoslavia into question
The German UNO Administrator of Kosovo, Michael Steiner, demanded that the EU should take overall control of Kosovo from the UN within a few years. In his lecture at the Berlin Humboldt University, Steiner implicitly advocated that Kosovo should be separated from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. . . .

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