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Nach der partiellen Schließung der schwedischen Grenzen für Flüchtlinge verhängt das erste deutsche Bundesland einen Aufnahmestopp.

EU oder Krieg
Luxemburgs Außenminister Jean Asselborn warnt vor einem Zerfall der EU.

Neue Lager
Die Innenminister der EU haben sich auf Maßnahmen geeinigt, die Flüchtlinge aus Deutschland fernhalten sollen.

Krieg in Europa?
Der ehemalige Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt warnt vor einem neuen Krieg in Europa.

Verletzte ausgeflogen
Die Bundeswehr hat 20 verwundete Kämpfer aus der Ukraine zur Behandlung nach Deutschland ausgeflogen.

Außen und innen
Der deutsche Außenminister moniert eine mangelnde Zustimmung in der Bevölkerung für eine offensive deutsche Weltpolitik.

Die Verantwortung Berlins
Der ehemalige EU-Kommissar Günter Verheugen erhebt im Konflikt um die Ukraine schwere Vorwürfe gegen Berlin.

"Ein gutes Deutschland"
Das deutsche Staatsoberhaupt schwingt sich zum Lehrmeister der Türkei auf.

Die Dynamik des "Pravy Sektor"
Der Jugendverband der NPD kündigt einen "Europakongress" unter Beteiligung des "Pravy Sektor" ("Rechter Sektor") aus der Ukraine an.

Der Mann der Deutschen
Die deutsche Kanzlerin hat am gestrigen Montag zwei Anführer der Proteste in der Ukraine empfangen.

The Limits of the Dictates
(Own report) - Berlin's austerity dictate, ruthlessly imposed on Athens, is suffering its first blowbacks, weakening German hegemony over the EU. The China Ocean Shipping Company's (COSCO) purchase of stakes in the Piraeus Port Authority, Athens had been forced to sell under pressure from Berlin and Brussels, is one example. COSCO, which had already acquired . . .

Those Who Have, Shall Get
(Own report) - Through loans and government bonds, Germany is reaping a billion euros in profits from Greece's debt crisis. The German government has confirmed that profits from financial transactions with Greece have already reached €1.34 billion. German firms have also profited from the fact that, due to the crisis, Greece has been forced to . . .

The Only Remaining Boom Sector
(Own report) - The German Fraport Company is preparing, under very strong protests from Greek trade unionists, to take over the operation and management of 14 of Greece's airports. The concessions, which Fraport was awarded back in late 2015, will entrust the German company with the operational and management functioning of Greece's most profitable regional . . .

The Foam of German Diplomacy
(Own report) - When the German foreign minister appeared in the synagogue in Thessaloniki (Greece), he was met with strong protest from prominent members of the Jewish community. In his speech at the synagogue on December 4, (published by the German Foreign Ministry) Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) praised "our German hands to be used in the . . .

The European Legal Community
(Own report) - The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has once again sharply criticized the EU for its policy of warding off refugees. In view of the disastrous living conditions for the refugees on the Greek islands, it is urgent to at least bring a larger number of them onto the Greek mainland und . . .

Resolution of the Reparations Issue
(Own report) - The Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras has announced a new initiative to force Germany to pay reparations and compensations to Greece. During a memorial service for the victims of a massacre committed by the German Wehrmacht in the western Greek village of Kommeno, on Tuesday, Tsipras declared that, should the Germany . . .

The European Solution (II)
(Own report) - Massive international protests are accompanying the start of EU mass deportations of refugees to Turkey. The first 750 refugees are due to be transported from the Greek islands to the Turkish coast between today, Monday, and Wednesday. More than 5,400 are being detained on the islands in EU "hotspots" to prevent them . . .

Corruption in Greece (II)
(Own report) - The German judiciary has initiated new criminal proceedings against German arms companies because of their multi-millions in bribes payments in Greece. Last month, the states attorney's office in Munich brought charges against a former manager of the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) tank producing company. He is charged with having personally pocketed up to . . .

Corruption in Greece (I)
(Own report) - The Greek government does not exclude the eventuality of indictments of German companies on charges of corruption, according to recent reports, on a contingency plan Athens has prepared for the event that Berlin forces it into state bankruptcy ("Grexit"). According to this plan, Athens would try to bring German companies to court . . .

The Brussels Agreement
(Own report) - In several western and southern European countries, the agreement on Greece reached in Brussels signals a looming collapse of the continental post-war order and Germany's revival as an ostentatious dictatorial power. Whereas social-democratic observers do not exclude an attenuation of the contradictions, southern European conservative media are among those who speak of . . .

Austerity or Democracy
(Own report) - At Berlin's insistence, Greece will not receive debt relief and will be forced to submit - contrary to the Greek population's "No" last Sunday - to Germany's austerity dictate, or exit the Eurozone. This is what the Eurogroup decided at its summit yesterday evening. Debt relief, as French Prime Minister Manuel Valls . . .

The First Defeat
(Own report) - Germany’s imposition of its austerity policy suffered a first serious defeat in yesterday’s Greek referendum. Over 61 percent of the Greek voters rejected an agreement with the creditors that would have provided for a continuation of the German austerity measures. This defeat is all the more serious for Berlin, because German politicians . . .

Demand for Reimbursement
The Jewish Community of Thessaloniki and the "Train of Commemoration" are demanding that the receipts extorted from Greece during the anti-Semitic deportations of the "Reichsbahn" be reimbursed. german-foreign-policy.com documents their joint letter addressed to the Board of Management of the Deutsche Bahn AG. . . .

Urgent Appeal
(Own report) - The Jewish Community of Thessaloniki and the "Train of Commemoration" are demanding, in a joint letter addressed to the Board of Management of the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG), that the receipts extorted from Greece during the anti-Semitic deportations of the "Reichsbahn" be reimbursed. In 1943, the State-owned railway company had collected . . .

Among Vultures
(Own report) - The Greek government's continued resistance is placing numerous German projects for restructuring the Greek economy and administration in jeopardy. In the short term, these projects - under the auspices of the German Foreign Ministry and Germany's Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) - are aimed at overcoming German production bottlenecks by . . .

Teutonic Arrogance
(Own report) - German politicians are reacting to the Greek government's call for a partial remission of its debts and its throwing the EU-Troika out of the country, with ultimatums. "Tsipras had better cease his attacks on Angela Merkel," threatened the European Parliament's President Martin Schulz (SPD). "Beating up on the Germans" is "shortsighted." State-financed . . .

Domino Effect
(Own report) - Berlin and the EU are massively violating Greece's sovereignty to secure their political domination over Southeastern Europe. As was revealed by documents from the Athens-based Troika, with two German functionaries in the leadership, the government in Athens has received instructions on how to bypass the Greek Parliament. To counteract the foreseeable consequences . . .

Legacy without a Future
(Own report) - Berlin is reacting to Athen's persistent demands for reparations for Nazi mass war crimes in Greece by sending the German President to visit the country. Last week, following a lengthy run-up, the Greek Parliament has created a committee to examine possible demands for reparations. It is said to involve a large multi-billion . . .

Millions for Billions
(Own report) - New allegations of corruption have been leveled at leading German arms manufacturers. According to a former employee of the Greek defense ministry and several mediators of the arms industry, German arms manufacturers paid millions in bribes to induce Athens to purchase German weaponry, worth several billion Euros. Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall were . . .

Austerity Kills
(Own report) - The reorganization of the Greece's health system, under German direction, is advancing. "A final timetable is to be presented in the second half of this year," declared the German Health Ministry (BMG). The German government sees deficits also in the lack of an "effective cost management," but most of all in the . . .

Squeeze Dry and Obscure
(Own report) - The German austerity dictate is driving Greece - even after the most recent financial "bail-out" operations - deeper into the economic and social abyss. Economically, the country is still in a "free fall," according to the German Institute for Economic Research. Citibank experts are expecting the Greek economy to shrink by 7.4 . . .

Only Misunderstandings
(Own report) - Amid mass protests, the German Chancellor visited Athens, Tuesday, to promote new opportunities for German companies. The privatization of state enterprises and infrastructure must be accelerated, was the demand in Berlin even preceding Merkel's visit. The Chancellor remembers all too well how the German Democratic Republic's enterprises were liquidated, and therefore knows . . .

On the Relevance of Democracy
(Own report) - In the run-up to new elections in Greece, the German elite is discussing various scenarios involving the use of force to ensure control over Athens, including the establishment of a protectorate or the deployment of "protection forces" in that southern European country. The German austerity dictate, pushing Greece into destitution, is provoking . . .

The Traits of the Crisis
(Own report) - With yesterday's parliamentary elections, Greece, which is already shattered by the German austerity dictates, is entering a new phase of instability. Predictions confirm that the country's two largest parties, which until now have imposed the austerity dictates against massive popular protests, have suffered great losses. The conservative Nea Dimokratia will probably receive . . .

Impoverishment Made in Germany
(Own report) - The German austerity dictate is leading to new economic and social turbulence in the indebted counties of the southern Euro-zone. Spain, compelled in late March to make financial cutbacks totaling 27 billion Euros, must extend its austerity program to a total of 37 billion Euros. An increasing number of debtors cannot repay . . .

Patterned after the Treuhand
(Own report) - German government agencies and the Deutsche Bank are pushing for the privatization of public property in the southern European crisis countries. In Greece, the state-owned foreign trade promotion agency "Germany Trade and Invest" (GTAI) acts as a "consultant" for the "Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund" (HRADF) which, since the end of March, . . .

(Own report) - Last night, under strong popular protests, the Greek parliament accepted the latest "austerity package," that the German government had promoted in the form of an ultimatum. This "austerity package" will lead to a 20 percent cut in private revenue and the minimum wage, therefore also in the public sector wages, which are . . .

In the Focus of Protests
(Own report) - The German austerity dictate is meeting growing resistance within the EU. Following the mass protests in Spain and the most recent hundreds of thousands demonstrating in Greece, further activities have been announced, which are explicitly aimed at the so-called EU Growth and Stability Pact. A new development can be observed particularly in . . .

From the Crisis, Into the Crisis
(Own report) - In the run-up to decisions to be taken at the EU summit, to begin tomorrow in Brussels, Greek economic development shows the Euro crisis management in a miserable light. Athens, which, since last year, has been strictly applying the austerity programs being demanded mainly by Berlin, has been regularly confronted with popular . . .

The End of Sovereignty (III)
(Own report) - In light of Greece's financial crisis, government advisors in Berlin are considering new limitations to EU member nations' sovereignty. Because of difficulties in bringing the situation in Greece under control, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) wrote in a recent analysis that it should be discussed "whether and how . . .

The End of Sovereignty (II)
(Own report) - The European Union has submitted to German demands, imposing unprecedented cuts in the Greek national budget, resulting in a large loss of jobs, cuts in wages and high increases in taxes. This was caused by Berlin's apprehension that Greece's budget deficit could lead to a serious crisis and burden the Euro. Business . . .

The End of Sovereignty
(Own report) - German government advisors are insisting on concerted efforts to politically neutralize British EU-skeptics. As explained in a recent paper published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), the British Conservatives' attitude will have a "decisive influence on helping to set the EU's future radius of action," because the ambitious . . .

(Own report) - The Deutsche Telekom's expansion is being met with heavy protests in several south European countries. Fearing mass layoffs, wage cuts and deteriorating standards in working conditions, employees of the Greek Telecom OTE are resisting the takeover of their enterprise by the German company. In March, Croatian trade-unionists had already staged a demonstration . . .

Land Without Refugees
(Own report) - The European refugee-blocking system is to be perfected with the installation of a uniform EU border surveillance system proposed by the German government. This was confirmed Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2008, by EU Interior Commissioner Franco Frattini ("European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security"), during the 11th European Police Congress in the German . . .

Prohibit Under All Circumstances
(Own report) - The Appeals Court of Florence Italy has ruled that the claims of the victims of German Nazi criminals in Greece are enforceable. With this ruling the German state has to pay the more than 30 million Euros it owes the Greek plaintiffs. The amount of reparations can be immediately impounded, even though . . .

Neither Victors nor Vanquished
(Own Report) - After the failure of a claim for compensation for victims of German war crimes, compensation claims have been launched on behalf of war criminals. "Damages" and "Restitution of property" are demanded in a Europe-wide appeal by so-called expellees' organisations. In the Second World War they belonged to the camp followers of the . . .

Multi-Partisan Directorate
(Own report) - German ethno-specialists are aiding in the preparations for Iraq's territorial partitioning into three ("autonomous") states. The partitioning is being prepared by a "study group" of the US Congress, under the chairmanship of former Secretary of State, James Baker. According to their plan Iraq must be subdivided into "autonomous regions". The "European Academy . . .

German Price
ARGOSTOLI (Own report)
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of one of the largest massacres perpetrated by the German Armed Forces during World War II, the German ambassador in Athens will, for the first time, commemorate the victims and visit the Greek island of Kephallonia. There, German mountain forces ,,Gebirgsjäger"liquidated more than 5,000 (five thousand) Italian soldiers in September of 1943, after . . .

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