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Nach der partiellen Schließung der schwedischen Grenzen für Flüchtlinge verhängt das erste deutsche Bundesland einen Aufnahmestopp.

EU oder Krieg
Luxemburgs Außenminister Jean Asselborn warnt vor einem Zerfall der EU.

Neue Lager
Die Innenminister der EU haben sich auf Maßnahmen geeinigt, die Flüchtlinge aus Deutschland fernhalten sollen.

Krieg in Europa?
Der ehemalige Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt warnt vor einem neuen Krieg in Europa.

Verletzte ausgeflogen
Die Bundeswehr hat 20 verwundete Kämpfer aus der Ukraine zur Behandlung nach Deutschland ausgeflogen.

Außen und innen
Der deutsche Außenminister moniert eine mangelnde Zustimmung in der Bevölkerung für eine offensive deutsche Weltpolitik.

Die Verantwortung Berlins
Der ehemalige EU-Kommissar Günter Verheugen erhebt im Konflikt um die Ukraine schwere Vorwürfe gegen Berlin.

"Ein gutes Deutschland"
Das deutsche Staatsoberhaupt schwingt sich zum Lehrmeister der Türkei auf.

Die Dynamik des "Pravy Sektor"
Der Jugendverband der NPD kündigt einen "Europakongress" unter Beteiligung des "Pravy Sektor" ("Rechter Sektor") aus der Ukraine an.

Der Mann der Deutschen
Die deutsche Kanzlerin hat am gestrigen Montag zwei Anführer der Proteste in der Ukraine empfangen.

France's Elections
(Own report) - Berlin's favorite candidate took the lead in the first round in Sunday's French presidential elections. According to the latest predictions, Emmanuel Macron won with 23.4 percent of the votes, followed by Marine Le Pen of the Front National with 22.6. Macron is expected to win the May 7 runoffs. Initially, the German . . .

No Chance
(Own report) - Shortly after the conservative candidate in the French presidential elections was decided, Berlin began to apply pressure on François Fillon, who had won his party's nomination. Even though Berlin is applauding Fillon's neoliberal austerity measures - which include an increase in the value added tax and the firing of half a million . . .

Introductory Visit in Berlin
(Own report) - With his introductory visit to Berlin on Monday, the French presidential candidate Alain Juppé has begun preparing his candidature for the 2017 elections. Whereas his rival, Nicolas Sarkozy, had not left a particularly good impression during his talks in the German capital, Alain Juppé, following his meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel und . . .

The European War Union
(Own report) - Together with his French counterpart, the German foreign minister has announced the EU's transformation to become a "political union" and its resolute militarization for global military operations. In a joint position paper, Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) and Jean-Marc Ayrault (PS) are calling for the EU's comprehensive military buildup, based on a division of . . .

The Price of Deregulation
(Own report) - French protests against the adoption of the German "Agenda 2010" deregulation models continue. Unions have announced extensive strike activities for this week in protest of the "job market reform" with which the French government seeks to implement further adjustments to meet Berlin's neoliberal standards. Through its "Agenda 2010," which had been implemented . . .

European Values (I)
(Own report) - High-ranking German politicians are calling for punitive measures against Poland. The Polish government's measures neutralizing the country's constitutional court as well as its new media laws are "in violation of European values," according to Volker Kauder, Chair of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group. The EU member states must now "have the courage to . . .

Troop Supplier to Syria
(Own report) - The German government does not preclude a Bundeswehr mission in Syria. According to government circles in Berlin, German military intervention to monitor a future ceasefire in that country is "conceivable," as was confirmed Wednesday. However, the German government rejects military support for France's airstrikes against the "Islamic State" (IS). In the aftermath . . .

Billions for European Wars
(Own report) - The German Defense Minister announced new multi-billion Euro armament projects, aimed at Germany's and the EU's greater independence from the USA. Ursula von der Leyen announced yesterday that the Bundeswehr would purchase the Medium Extended Air Defense System "MEADS" to replace the "Patriot" air defense system. Whereas the "Patriot" system had to . . .

A Controlled Gaffe
(Own report) - Paris has strongly reacted to Germany's new attempts to impose its austerity dictate on the French national budget. Following the German government's massive interventions in Brussels, German EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger called the French government a "recidivist" in a newspaper column last Friday - because it does not accept the full extent . . .

Under the German Whip (II)
(Own report) - A new controversy over Germany's austerity dictate has flared up on the eve of the Wales NATO summit. At the occasion of a high-ranking meeting last week, the President of the European Central Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi, characterized Berlin's austerity policy as fatal. However, the German chancellor immediately rejected his call for . . .

Under the German Whip (I)
(Own report) - Strong criticism of German predominance in last weekend's new appointments to EU top positions is being raised in France. The EU's designated Juncker/Tusk/Mogherini triumvirate "undoubtedly" carries the German signature, according to a longtime renowned EU political observer. After having imposed its austerity dictates on the EU over the past few years, Berlin . . .

Descent into the Minor League
(Own report) - Today, numerous parliamentarians in France's Assemblé Nationale are planning to vote in favor of a program of dramatic austerity measures, in defiance of massive protests. This package of budget cuts had been inspired by Germany. The program is supposed to cut up to 50 billion Euros between 2015 and 2017, of which . . .

The World's Expectations
(Own report) - In the run-up to the Munich Security Conference, prominent German foreign policy specialists are calling for "German Leadership" in the EU's foreign and military policy activities. It is "the responsibility of the powerful, ... to insure Europe's ability to act," wrote the former German Minster of Defense, Volker Rühe recently in a . . .

The Agenda 2020
(Own report) - The EU has announced a military intervention into the Central African Republic. Last Monday, EU foreign ministers in Brussels decided to soon send soldiers from several EU countries to Bangui to support French troops in that country. The Bundeswehr will most likely participate with transport aircraft and a MedEvac Airbus. The German . . .

Le Modèle Gerhard Schröder
(Own report) - Berlin is loudly applauding French President François Hollande's adaptation of Germany's model of austerity. His announcement of a cutback in public expenditures to clearly favor business, could "only be seen as good news," declared Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. German media point to the fact that Hollande has announced measures that - in . . .

The Disengagement of France
(Own report) - The boulevard press has commented the German chancellor's visit to Paris with derisive headlines. One of the Springer publisher's journals bore the headline, "Radiant Victor meets Helpless Hollande," referring to the dramatic economic situation France finds itself in: The country is looking "into the Abyss." Beyond this blatant smear campaign, experts are . . .

Desert War
(Own report) - The German Foreign Minister has confirmed Berlin's readiness to become involved in the war in Mali. To his French counterpart, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Guido Westerwelle offered Germany's "political, logistical, medical, and humanitarian" support for the intervention in France's former colony. However, the German Minister of Defense, Thomas de Maizière, declared that . . .

Alsace at the Forefront
(Own report) - German-speaking autonomists in Eastern France have applauded a decision by French authorities to establish an "Alsatian Regional Council," but are demanding rights of autonomy for the region of Alsace, similar to those for South Tyrol. Strasbourg's recent decision to consolidate important responsibilities for the various regional municipalities in a new "Conseil d'Alsace" . . .

Leading Nation of a Belligerent Europe
(Own report) - German government advisors are pleading for the creation of a joint German-French air force. In light of an alleged "deterioration of EU military efficiency," the "two major nations" in Europe are "required to take the leadership," according to a position paper published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). . . .

The Next Crisis Victory
(Own report) - The French parliament's passage of the EU's Fiscal Pact has sealed the defeat of French President François Hollande in Paris' power struggle with Berlin. Hollande won last May's elections also due to his announcement that he would oppose the German austerity dictate, which his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy had proven unable to prevent. . . .

The New Entente Cordiale
(Own report) - Government advisors in Berlin are demanding a rapid expansion of German-French cooperation in the military and arms industry sectors, to prevent the creation of a Paris-London Axis. In Germany, the French and British efforts, initiated in 2010 to reinforce the bonds between their military forces and their arms industries, have long been . . .

Camouflage and Deception
(Own report) - Using a deceptive strategy, Berlin seeks to ward off the French President-elect François Hollande's demand to put an end to the German austerity dictate. Other heads of EU member nations have begun to demand alongside Hollande that the EU return to credit financed stimulus programs, to prevent the complete collapse of several . . .

Sarkozy, the German
(Own report) - France's recent defeat at the hands of Germany in the struggle for hegemony over the EU is shaping the current presidential election campaign in France. This has been confirmed by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) in a recently published analysis. Conservative circles of the Paris establishment, according to this publication, . . .

On a Collision Course (II)
(Own report) - A sharp dispute over the EU's foreign and security policy between Berlin and Paris is flanking an escalating German-French controversy over the solution to the Euro crisis. As was confirmed by a recent analysis, these German-French power struggles are blocking the EU's hegemonic expansion to the rest of the world, particularly the . . .

The Value of the Euro
(Own report) - Once again the EU is bowing to a German-French dictate by enacting the participation of private creditors to finance the Euro debt crisis. An agreement to this effect, reached last weekend between the German chancellor and the French president, was passed yesterday by the EU's finance ministers. Financial companies are to be . . .

First Time going it Alone
(Own report) - After several days of Libya being heavily bombarded, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is defending the German abstention in the UN Security Council vote on the current attacks. There is "always a division of labor in the international arena," is how Merkel explained the non-participation of the German Bundeswehr. There are also other . . .

No Tandem
(Own report) - France is clearly lagging behind Germany in important targeted regions of its foreign policy. This has been confirmed in a series of studies published over the past few months by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). At the same time, Paris has, for the most part, adopted Berlin's foreign policy priorities . . .

Borderland Networks
(Own report) - Several German federal states and municipalities are using a new EU legal instrument to promote a fusion with German-speaking regions of neighboring western nations. That instrument (the European cross-border cooperation groupings - EGCC) allows regional authorities of various nations to consolidate into common administrative structures, enjoying a large measure of autonomy. With . . .

Breaking a Taboo
(Own report) - Paris is protesting Germany's growing economic hegemony over the EU with unusual bluntness. France's finance minister declared in a newspaper interview that, for years, Berlin has been forcefully implementing its export offensive at the expense of other Euro countries. As can now be seen in Greece, this German trade surplus is pushing . . .

Germanic Stringency
(Own report) - The German government is seeking to obligate Eurozone nations to adhere to a rigorous government austerity program by establishing a European Monetary Fund (EMF), as revealed by aspects of a plan made public by the German Ministry of Finance a few days ago. According to this plan, countries threatened with bankruptcy may . . .

In the Advantage
(Own report) - The German-French Council of Ministers meeting next Thursday is marked by persisting tensions between the two countries. The differences between the French and German governments include central questions of the economy and foreign expansion. Paris has been seeing itself at a disadvantage and, for quite awhile, has been insisting on high-level consultations . . .

History in the Making
(Own report) - At the end of this past week, the establishment in Berlin was reviewing with great satisfaction a week that brought several victories for its partisan interpretation of history. According to observers, the German Chancellor's participation in the commemoration ceremonies of the Armistice ending the First World War in Paris was "a priceless . . .

Dangerous Frictions
(Own report) - The German Siemens Corporation is planning to extend its nuclear activities in collaboration with Moscow. According to reports, Siemens seeks to end its cooperation with the French nuclear company, AREVA, because it is being refused participation in the operative leadership of the joint venture. At the Siemens headquarters in Munich, one hears . . .

Europe's Auxiliary Forces
(Own report) - Under protests from several West-African countries, the Second Euro-African Ministerial Conference adopted this week the "Three-Year Cooperation Programme" for migration control. The programme, of which major aspects correspond to German concepts, has actually been imposed on the African countries participating in the conference. The programme is aimed at developing new mechanisms for . . .

Transatlantic Front
(Own report) - With new initiatives, Berlin is reinforcing its intervention in Sudan. While sending German police officers to Darfur on mission, and to Africa for preparation training, the German government is preparing new military projects with Rwanda for this west Sudanese region engulfed in civil war. This was reported by the press in Kigali. . . .

Transatlantic Axis
(Own report) - Just after having been awarded the "contract of the century" by the US Air Force, the German-French arms manufacturer, EADS, announced its intention to take over companies in the United States. According to an internal EADS memorandum, the company will effectuate already in 2008 "at least one" acquisition in the USA. The . . .

In the Shadows
(Own report) - Preceding today's summit between the German chancellor and the French president, the dissention over Paris, Rome and Madrid's plans for a "Mediterranean Union" have escalated. French foreign policy specialists consider the project necessary for preventing the marginalization of Southwest European states through the EU's eastward expansion from becoming permanent. This assessment corresponds . . .

Ready to Accept War
(Own report) - In the next few days German-French military circles will be initiating the establishment of an EU-wide association to reinforce the population's readiness to accept war. This is based upon an agreement between the German Gesellschaft für Wehr- und Sicherheitspolitik (GfW) (Association for Defense and Security Policies) and the French Civisme Défense Armée . . .

European Values
(Own report) - With the support of German state institutions, the notorious "Alfred Toepfer Stiftung, F.V.S." is once again planning to make an appearance in France, after numerous attempts. The Hamburg based foundation is organizing a vernissage at the Maison Heinrich Heine in the Cité internationale universitaire in Paris on November 7. By appearing as . . .

More Influence Than Ever
(Own report) - French officials of the EADS arms company, are warning against Berlin's factual take-over of the company. Germany is in the process "of usurping none other than the aerospace as well as the European defense industry" according to Jean-François Knepper, vice shop chairman at the EADS Corporation. The power struggle within the company's . . .

Hegemonic Rivalry
(Own report) - Following the UN's decision to deploy troops to Sudan, war mongers in Berlin are pushing for German participation. German foreign policy specialists from the opposition, as well as, from circles close to the ruling CDU Party are calling for Germany showing a presence in the Western Sudanese province of Darfur, at least . . .

(Own report) - With distinct warnings, the government in Berlin is pressuring the French government to relinquish some of its new president's main foreign and economic policy projects. The reason behind this pressure is the agreement whereby France furnishes Libya nuclear equipment and armament. Though Germans have been involved for over a year in preparing . . .

Success Story
(Own report) - A "Berlin Declaration" will give the EU summit on Sunday (March 25) the "initial spark" for the ratification of a slightly modified EU Constitution. As confirmed by the chairman of the relevant working group of the conservative CDU/CSU parliamentary (Bundestag) group, Michael Stuebgen, the declaration negotiated secretly, will, for tactical reasons, not . . .

(Own report) - Analysts are warning that an intensification of international conflicts could result from German trade policies. Under German pressure the EU decided last Friday to open bilateral talks on a free trade agreement with India. Berlin is preparing agreements also with other nations. The systematic dismantling of customs controls and other regulatory measures . . .

Make Europe work!
(Own report) - In a catalogue of recommendations ("Make Europe work!") for the upcoming German EU Council Presidency, the Federation of German Industries (BDI) is demanding, that Brussels concentrate its financial planning on the interests of core-European enterprises and the reduction of subsidies for the poverty stricken regions on the borders of the EU. As . . .

Weak Defense Lines
(Own report) - Anxiety is growing in several European states, that Germany could take control over their strategically important national power supply, because of the expansionist endeavors of German energy companies, such as Eon and RWE. Some governments are merging their national energy suppliers, in an attempt to impede these efforts - until now without . . .

New wars in Africa
(Own report) - The June 22, German commanded, invasion of an island off the coast of West Africa, marks the last preliminary high point in the major maneuver of the NATO Response Force (NRF), before it passes the final test, proving its full combat readiness. The maneuver takes place in Cape Verde and therefore is . . .

A Grievous Set-Back
(Own Report) - Once again the German Stock Exchange is facing the prospect of failure in its attempt at expansion and looks like losing its place in global competition. In spite of massive pressure from Berlin, the Exchange has not succeeded in its bid to take over Euronext, the Stock Exchange which covers four countries. . . .

Energy, Terror, Migration
(Own report) - The European policy declaration of the German Chancellor, announced to be made public next week, is to initiate a modified version of the unsuccessful campaign for a EU constitution and create the image for Berlin as "the pacesetter of the continent". Government circles are circulating this line to foreign media. In EU . . .

Expelled from Class
(Own report) - German government advisors are threatening France and the Netherlands with expulsion from the European Union. The "painful procedure" of being "expelled from class" for the "ratification unwilling (...) States" should not be excluded, announced the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) to the European opponents of a new edition of . . .

Potential for War
The German chancellor wishes to secure his country's ascent in the UN by promising aid to the People's Republic of China. France supports him in the hopes for Beijing's consideration in return. Paris needs China's agreement in order to bring the fusion reactor ,,Iter"into France (total cost is 10 billion Euro). Berlin depends on China for its ascent in the . . .

,,Augean Stables"
German Business organisations are again demanding a massive cut in EU agricultural subsidies and stirring up the long run conflicts between Berlin and Paris. In order to conclude the long desired free trade agreement with the South American Trade Alliance, Mercosur, there must be a reduction in those large EU agricultural subsidies in defence of which the EU caused the collapse . . .

,,Encrusted"German Constitution to be Centralised
BERLIN/PARIS (Own report)
A grand coalition of government and opposition parties is preparing to increase the centralisation of the German state structure. The aim is the streamlining of the federal system because ,,much decision making (...) is seen as too long and too complicated". To achieve the desired new hierarchy the German constitution must be altered. The present, many-layered structure is designed to frustrate . . .

,,Far away from Paris Head Offices"
The largest financial institute of the German Saarland has declared the French border region of Alsace Lorraine as an area for business expansion ,,as part of a comprehensive Re-organisation". An announcement from the Saar Landesbank in Saarbrucken (capital of the Saarland) ,,integrated France as a new area for business focus". . . .

Leuna sale ,,used to finance German ministers"
The trial in Paris of Alfred Sirven, former right hand man of the then head of Elf, Loik Le Floch-Prigent, has heard how a businessman close to the German Christian Democrats used the sale of the East German oil refinery at Leuna to Elf to pay the equivalent of ¤39 million in ,,commissions", most of which went to ,,finance . . .

Middle Europe and Middle England: Both part of German ,,Lebensraum"
LEIPZIG (Own report)
Berlin Ministries are financing the penetration of the planning process in all European states. They are working on detailed projects for the ,,spatial development" of foreign territories. These studies are not only concerned with the traditional German sphere of influence on the eastern borders. They also take in western Europe including Great Britain and France. . . .

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