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Nach der partiellen Schließung der schwedischen Grenzen für Flüchtlinge verhängt das erste deutsche Bundesland einen Aufnahmestopp.

EU oder Krieg
Luxemburgs Außenminister Jean Asselborn warnt vor einem Zerfall der EU.

Neue Lager
Die Innenminister der EU haben sich auf Maßnahmen geeinigt, die Flüchtlinge aus Deutschland fernhalten sollen.

Krieg in Europa?
Der ehemalige Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt warnt vor einem neuen Krieg in Europa.

Verletzte ausgeflogen
Die Bundeswehr hat 20 verwundete Kämpfer aus der Ukraine zur Behandlung nach Deutschland ausgeflogen.

Außen und innen
Der deutsche Außenminister moniert eine mangelnde Zustimmung in der Bevölkerung für eine offensive deutsche Weltpolitik.

Die Verantwortung Berlins
Der ehemalige EU-Kommissar Günter Verheugen erhebt im Konflikt um die Ukraine schwere Vorwürfe gegen Berlin.

"Ein gutes Deutschland"
Das deutsche Staatsoberhaupt schwingt sich zum Lehrmeister der Türkei auf.

Die Dynamik des "Pravy Sektor"
Der Jugendverband der NPD kündigt einen "Europakongress" unter Beteiligung des "Pravy Sektor" ("Rechter Sektor") aus der Ukraine an.

Der Mann der Deutschen
Die deutsche Kanzlerin hat am gestrigen Montag zwei Anführer der Proteste in der Ukraine empfangen.

"A New European Debt Conference"
german-foreign-policy.com spoke with Hans-Rüdiger Minow about Polish demands for reparations for the mass crimes committed by the Nazis. Minow is the Spokesperson for the Board of Directors of the "Train of Commemoration." On behalf of the "Train of Commemoration," he had advised Polish and other Eastern European victims' organizations, which had convened in Warsaw in . . .

Blocking German Reparations
(Own report) - Polish government politicians' demands for comprehensive reparations for the devastation caused by the German occupation during World War II, have been unanimously turned down in Berlin. A German government spokesperson explained that Poland has long since renounced reparations; German media point to payments Germany - under massive international pressure - was unable . . .

European Values (I)
(Own report) - High-ranking German politicians are calling for punitive measures against Poland. The Polish government's measures neutralizing the country's constitutional court as well as its new media laws are "in violation of European values," according to Volker Kauder, Chair of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group. The EU member states must now "have the courage to . . .

The German Path to an EU Army (I)
(Own report) - The German government is accelerating the creation of an EU army by means of bilateral military cooperation. The German-Polish "declaration of intent" on military cooperation of the two countries' armed forces, signed in the middle of the week, is the most recent example. The agreement includes the exchange and joint training of . . .

Under German Command
(Own report) - The German Bundeswehr has announced the formation of a permanent military unit of foreigners under German command. Beginning in January 2014, approx. 2,100 soldiers from the Netherlands will be integrated into the "Rapid Reaction Force Division" as a result of a declaration of intent signed in Berlin last week by the defense . . .

Evidence of German Presence
(Own report) - German right-wing extremists are politically exploiting government funded cultural events for the German-speaking minority in Poland. According to reports, members of the "Silesian Youth" recently established contacts in neighboring Poland during this year's "Cultural Festival of the German Minority" in Wroclaw. The "Silesian Youth" have been classified as right-wing extremist. Several of . . .

Proprietors in Waiting
(Own report) - Extreme rightwing German militants have announced new lawsuits against Poland to have former property of "expelled" Germans returned. The newly formed "Property Owners Association - East (EBO)" announced that it is demanding not only the transfer of property rights to resettled Germans for real estate and buildings in Poland, but are also . . .

An Immoral Proposition
(Own report) - German pressure on East European countries to adopt the Euro is meeting resistance. Over the past few months, Berlin has been strengthening its pressure on several Central European governments, to have them soon join the Euro zone - to no avail. Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas declared that the Czechs, themselves, will . . .

In Between the Major Powers (II)
(Own report) - Berlin is sabotaging construction of a Polish liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal in Świnoujście. According to US media reports, the German government is expressing qualms as to its ecological compatibility as a pretext to delay or even prevent the construction of the harbor, with the objective of thwarting Warsaw's diversification of its . . .

Fraternity Brothers: Questionable Polish Borders
(Own report) - The German Minister of Transportation, Peter Ramsauer (CSU) is member of a student fraternity that has ties to circles of the right extremist National Democratic Party of Germany - NPD. The umbrella fraternity "Deutsche Burschenschaft," (DB) not only has Minister Ramsauer as a member, but also two NPD members of regional parliaments. . . .

Sovereign Murder
(Own report) - Victims of unpunished German war crimes in Poland are making progress in their struggle for reparations. The lawsuit brought by a survivor, who had been badly burned when his village was liquidated, has been accepted as a case to be decided by Poland's Supreme Court. The 71 year-old is one of a . . .

A Propaganda Ploy
(Own Report) - Poland's serious protests of Germany's not abiding by treaties and agreements are overshadowing Berlin's Coordinator for German Polish Cooperation's inaugural visit to Warsaw tomorrow. The protests in Poland are aimed at Germany's disregard for the terms of the German-Polish Good Neighbor Policy Treaty, resulting in, the much less prosperous, Poland allocating a . . .

Consensus of the Elite
(Own Report) - Accompanied by protests, Thursday October 18 the European Council passed the "EU Reform Treaty". That document replaces the EU Constitution, that had been democratically rejected in a couple of national referenda. The treaty, that fulfills German demands for uniformity in EU foreign policy and lends this federation of states aspects of a . . .

Peace in our time
(Own report) - The German federal government has ended its EU presidency with an all-European disaster which has opened up severe divisions between European states. In order to force through Germany's ideas at the summit in Brussels, Berlin threatened the Polish negotiating team with methods of compulsion. On Friday, the German authorities, with the intention . . .

German Europe
(Own Report) - The power struggle for German voting dominance in the EU Council of Ministers is intensifying in advance of today's summit conference. At issue are the rules of the proposed EU constitution which give a disproportionate increase of power for Berlin. The German government is intent on forcing this through at any price . . .

(Own report) - The German Government has, for the second time within a few months, rejected Poland’s request for a contractual settlement of open questions concerning reparations. A bilateral statement, in which Berlin should declare itself in opposition to demands of German "expelles," failed because of the resistance of the CDU/CSU and SPD. Thus also . . .

A Son of Germany
(Own report) - In a speech, which was widely felt to be outrageous, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, the German Pope Benedict XVI, described the murderers of National Socialist Germany as a "gang of criminals". He asserted that the German people were delivered into the hands of this gang and "abused" by them. . . .

Marching Together
(Own report) - Following the visit of President Lech Kaczynski, the German government offered its Polish neighbor joint control of the East and views Warsaw's resistance to the idea as surmountable. The Ukraine and Belarus are the targeted areas of this common interest for expansion. With the forthcoming Belarus presidential elections, circles of the German . . .

Germans attack USA policy towards Iraq
The German Chancellor and the Foreign Ministry have distanced themselves from the threats being made by the United States against Iraq. Chancellor Schröder told Newsweek that he did not expect a unilateral American action against Iraq, while a government official in the Foreign Ministry spoke harshly against the Americans ,,settling old scores"and using the war against terror as an excuse for finishing . . .

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